Woman found naked with horse, charged with bestiality.


Woman found naked with horse: police
November 29, 2006
A NSW north coast woman has been charged with bestiality and offensive conduct after allegedly being involved in an indecent act with a horse.
Police said they found the naked woman with the horse when they were called to a paddock in Wilson Street, Lismore at 9am (AEDT) on Monday.

was the horse complaining?
did it contact the local plod with a frantic phonecall 'theres a naked intruder in my back paddock'
will Mr Horse have to give evidence in an open court or will he be able to tell his sordid tale from another room via viddie link?
'Mr Horse. is this the woman who performed this lewd and unsavory act upon your person?? one tap for yes, two for no please.'

seeing the amount of 'Farm Girls' sites advertised on the web, mybe our two species crossed lovers were only rehearsing for thier next DvD release?

a shocking example of the plod once again imposing upon the liberal and open minded, killjoys.
i was reading about the Fiji crisis on aussie news sites when i found this,

Can't a member of the Pony club get ANY peace and quiet these days?

Which killjoy called the old bill anyway!
that dark-haired one in the flabber clip..that's supposed to be a female, right?
This would never have happened in England.... being charged I mean!

Does anyone else remember Marc Almond (lead vocal Soft Cell) colapsing on stage? According to the Stun he then had a pint of horse sperm pumped from his stomach. They never charged him... but then again maybe the evidence got washed down the sink.

But what I really remember was how hard it was afterwards to get anyone to go out on the P1ss with you . You'd ask "coming for a pint?" and they'd look at you all strange and run a mile. (or gallop :D )
Poor old Lady Godiva. Persecuted & misunderstood to this day. Or misunderstallion. Or misundersteed, if no horses available.

I'll get my coat.
... speaking of horses members, did anyone see that clip in Jackass Number Two? Like a giant rubber maglite, only bigger. I hate to debase things but it makes one wonder what exactly this Aussie lady was doing with said horse, as I just can't see where it would fit. Thoughts?
I got that far by myself sniper_bob, but just how worn through would she have to be to take the 5" wide 18" fully-grown stallion's chomp. The mind boggles. Nasty.

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