Woman flogged in Sudan for " wearing trousers "

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by velcrostripes, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Just found this in the Mail......

    YouTube video from Sudan shows woman flogged by laughing policemen | Mail Online

    The comment at the end says it all ;

    "Flogging of this kind amounts to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and in some cases can constitute torture "

    Can constitute torture ? You don't say ?

    So, if they are all so keen to escape this sort of barbarism , why the feck do they want to bring all their savage and archaic customs over with them , or is it just the menfolk ?
  2. no no its not torture its enhanced cultural discipline.
  3. Isn't religion great?
  4. It will still carry on happening, but now there has been all this outcry and outrage it will be forbidden to film any of it.
  5. all the possible crimes in Africa and THIS!! gets the attention this is tame in comprasion to child soldiers ect
  6. I think its because they were able to get the film of it that they ran with the story .
    Anyway , I always understood that a flogging had to be administered with a copy of the Koran tucked under the arm , which makes it
    fairly painless and mostly symbolic .
    Obviously these coppers weren't aware of that .
    Wonder if we can't get them fastracked into the TSG ? Right racial /cultural profile and very handy in a riot
  7. Next to the video at the bottom it says "editors six of the best". Made oi larf. :D
  8. Some have to pay for such pleasures she should think herself lucky.
  9. If she was wearing some nylon slacks in black then she deserved a good flogging.
  10. Poor girl should come to England to avoid such treatment.
  11. i thought it was called "Character building" !??