Woman dies after dog sex in Limerick

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSpecialOne, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. An old story that has only been made public after a long investigation by (inept) Gardai

    A 43-year old woman died after suffering a massive allergic reaction brought on after she had sex with a dog in Limerick.

    The woman, a mother of four children, suffered the reaction to the dog’s semen after willingly engaging in sex acts with the Alsatian dog in a house in the Patrickswell area of the county.

    The woman passed away in October 2008, shortly after intercourse with the dog, and after a three-year investigation it was confirmed that her death occurred due to an adverse reaction suffered after having sex with the animal.

    An ambulance was called to an address in Patickswell at approximately 7.30pm on the night that she died and rushed the woman to the Mid-Western Hospital, where she passed away shortly after 8pm.

    A source told The Star last night that the unfortunate woman involved came in contact with a man who provided the dog on an internet chatroom.

    “Both these people would have been visiting bestiality websites and at some stage it appears they agreed to meet up for sex,” the source said.

    “The Alsatian then entered the picture and it appears that intercourse took place between the lady in question and the dog on the night that she died.”

    The source confirmed that Gardai who had examined the scene seized an Alsation dog that has been kept in quarantine ever since.

    Disturbingly, the source added that the dog “appeared to have been groomed” to have sex with women.

    “This was a particularly bizarre and upsetting course,” said the source.

    “It genuinely was a shocker...you think you’ve seen it all but then something like this comes along and you’re left scratching your head all over again.”

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  2. So when Paddy went into the bank asking for a loan to start his Dog grooming small bussiness why didnt the bank manager warn the police.
  3. I wonder how widespread allergy to dog spunk is?

    No doubt someone will need millions to conduct the research.
  4. I think MDN has been researching this for years, he will probably be willing to share his experiences for the right price.
  5. A woman who'd just fucked poor Fido
    Said 'I feel odd and must lie down now'.
    For the mutt's salty splash
    Brought her out in a rash.
    Now she's buried in the graveyard by the lido.
  6. HHH

    HHH LE

  7. Never in the history of the interweb as a thread been as useless without pictures as this one!

    pants now round ankles and waiting.