Woman blindly follows sat-nav through six countries


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Now i know Sat-Navs have there reputation of leading the wrong way in terms of Orientation and Directional travel but nothing can account, to lead you through 6 Country's when only planning to travel 38 miles to pick up a friend from the station!
The moral of the story? As clever as Modern Technology might be, a bit of common sense goes a whole lot further!

Bad Drills!

Woman blindly follows sat-nav through six countries
What do you expect from a Walloon that speaks bastardized French?
"Maybe, but I was just preoccupied... I was a bit absent-minded as I had a few things to think about, I suppose."
Driving without due care and attention, have her shot.
I'd say it was an excuse... met this bloke named Yev on t'net... ran off to meet him... he wanted money, or she was death ugly and told her to go away... have to go back home... make up excuse.

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