Woman Beefeater....

Looks like she owns the Gulf Medal and the Army LS&GC. So why not? She's put her time in and earned it in my book.

Does it have to matter where your twin lumps are?
ticklishrodent said:
know her from old and she is a good egg, surprised no one has started a walting thread on this yet.

She is qualified so what is the problem?
Me too, I served with Moira in Ireland in the 80's, she was a good lass, she has done her time and qualifies, so good on her!

I notice the original quote was from the Daily Mail,...says a lot in itself!
Done months ago - do a search - old news....
Good luck to her. Nice boobies as well. Might go down to letch sorry see the Tower.


Which one was she, with or without a beard?
Good luck to her, well deserved and completed her 22 and earned her medals.
ticklishrodent said:
Ah Boris you are the fore front of military thinking I knew a Boris in the M4 Regt are you the same deviant?
Deviant yes....I once pushed my CO head down the bog = big white telephone whe he was pi$$ed.....was a CPL at the time...CO was a full Colonel.......he was a good irish bog trotter!!.....all fact...and later busted to L/CPL........for 1 month........


Kit Reviewer
I knew a Boris in the M4 Regt
Ah, the famous Buttman - where is Boris nowadays? a beach shack in Thailand committing immoral and probably illegal acts I shouldn't wonder...
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