Woman attacked in Bredbury, Manchester......Can you help?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by halomonkey, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Can you help identify her attackers.......................
    Ladies and Gents a very close friend of mine was attacked in Meadow Walk, Bredbury, Manchester on the afternoon of Monday 3rd Sept. If you, or anyone you know, were in this area between 1400hrs and 1530hrs on Monday could you, or they, think really hard if you saw anything that might identify the scum who did this.If you can think of even the smallest thing that might help, please contact the police.
    Details here http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1015/1015614_left_with_a_broken_neck.html

    Mods if this is in the wrong place please move to where is more suitable
  2. I hope they catch the scum that did it, cowardly shitbags
  3. Brave Barstewards, whats the excuses

    Were bored, nothing to do, its the governments fault.
    My little Jimmys a good boy and never meant to cause no harm.


    hope she recovers soon.
  4. I can't help Id them, but I'd like to help with their "re-education" and "behavioural correction".

    I have my own power tools and hammer.
  5. Cheers c_f, if I find them first, may I borrow your power tools :wink:
    Thanks Iron I will pass on your best wishes. She'll be pleased to know that others are thinking of her.
    I hope they do too B_M. Although even if caught i doubt they will get what they actually deserve. :x

    p.s Her sense of humour is alive and kicking and she has asked me to tell all that the pic in the paper has caused her more emotional damage than the attack :lol: So just to make her feel better this is her usually...........

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  6. Hope they catch the scum,and that they then take a trip down some concrete stairs...........cowardly swines.
  7. Best wishes to her. I hope they get the scum who did this.
  8. how about some night time FIBUA! Its about time these scum bags were taught a good lesson in British values!

    Hope ur mate recovers both in mind and body so that she ID the t**ers!
  9. Blatant Bump and thanks guys
  10. Apart from her physical injuries the mental scarring will take a long time to heal. I hope she comes out of it ok. Can't be good for you either matey seeing her like that. You've got a big job in front of you.

    Goodluck to the both of you.

  11. Thanks JW.
  12. ill fling this up on this around a few more boards for you if you wish.
  13. Cheers Hicks that would be great if you would :thumleft:
  14. Hope your friends gets better mate how about an arrse sponsered chav cull in manchetser no bag limit all weapons suitiable
  15. Hope she makes a swift and full recovery.
    I have had the misfortune to live in one of the worst parts of Manchester for the last 20 years, and I cannot believe how little parental control is exerted. I am sick of hearing the range of excuses trotted out to excuse the brutality inflicted by a mindless minority, usually by their barely interested excuses for parents.
    I worked in the courts for a while, and heard the death of one moron's granny five years previously tendered as mitigating circumstances for beating some poor sod to a pulp.
    I hope they catch the scum soon, and as your friend is a council officer, I hope they do the decent thing and evict each family that was represented in the gang.
    Only when we turf this sh1t out on its ear can we hope to regain control of what was once a proud city.
    Please give her all my best wishes.