Woman arrested in vote-Rigging fraud

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if this is one for the Int Cell. And no, its not Prezza's girlfriend.

    Story link

    Anyone know who's the leading party with this council seat??
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Er...Should'nt the title be 'Woman arrested in vote-rigging fraud'?? :p You'll get all the nice ladies here all worked up! :p
  3. So no surprise that blairs bunch of corrupt shysters continues to allow postal voting.
  4. Amended. You know, I actually didn't realise. Oh well, same difference :D
  5. From Birmingham City Council's website:

    No surprises there.

    There are two Lib Dem councillors, and one Labour. Labour used to have the majority, but were 'trounced' (according to the Grauiniad) in the last elections. So, my wager will be on the alleged offender being someone who supports Shafique Shah and his fellow Labour candidates. So, no surprise there either.
  6. Yet another arrest in an ongoing investigation into vote rigging in Birmingham.

    No mention of the suspects Political Affiliation or ethnicity :?

    Sky news.com
  7. Look Vote rigging, as we all know is not just localised to one ethnic community as some seem to be inferring. It can happen any where and be perpetrated by any member of any community or any party - remember Westminster or are memories that short? :roll:
  8. The facts remain that last year the individuals brought before the Election Commissioner to answer charges of vote-rigging in Birmingham were all members of the same ethnic community (Asian), and were all candidates for the same party (Labour). So, whilst it no doubt can happen anywhere, and involve any member of any community and any party, the current story involves the arrest of an Asian woman in Birmingham, in an area where Labour were drubbed last year and so have most to lose. Mere coincidence?

    I suppose that by the same token any politician can be guilty of dishonesty and sleaze; it just happens that all those in the news at the moment happen to be caucasian, represent Labour and are in Westminster.
  9. Obviously any mention of anything that a minority have done wrong is racist in your view :roll:
  10. Radio 4 were saying that it was Lib Dem last night. Not heard anymore today.
  11. Anyone with any experience of political elections can tell you stories of fraud but I stand by my original point. Also if there is so much of a media bias against caucasians then why was this story reported at all? One could make the same allegation in the reporting of the Fiona Jones case.

    I think you need to re-read my post. :roll:

  12. So your latest reference to a white tory indulging in gerrymandering is 1987, and the most recent for an asian labourite involved in vote rigging is today. Absolutely Castlereagh, they're all at it....

    I imagine you'll be off to google shortly to disprove this. :D Enjoy...

    It can happen anywhere, but it IS happening in Birmingham.
  13. Look above its 1999, actually and it was Labour :x

    *cough* though the bint did have conviction over turned 2001

    Edited to add type in the name Mohammed Gultasab Khan and see which party you come up with!
  14. The Westminster offence was committed in '87 IIRC, though. Even the conviction is seven years ago; as has already been said, it IS happening in Birmingham now.

    Edited to add: And check out the ethnicity of Mr Khan, perhaps?
  15. Erm TMW, was talking about Fiona Jones, The ex-labour MP. Apologies for not making it clearer but when I said look above I meant my last post.