Woman, 72, charged with sending weedkiller to Blairs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mora, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. A 72 year old woman has been charged with five offences under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act. She can plead senility. History, unfortunately, does not furnish us with too many examples of the geriatric nihilist.

  2. And your point is?

    Is it your intention to constantly post random articles on ARRSE?

  3. I see nothing wrong with posting random articles on such a forum as this. It has, like 'Just a minute' on Radio 4 the capacity to engender debate among the imaginative.

    I am only sorry that the lady in question did not manage to post the real Anthrax.

    I would personally celebrate and congratulate anyone who managed to rid of us of worthless human being who has the temerity to address himself as 'Prime Minister'.

    I would not pay the man in Washers!
  4. Iolis, whilst I agree with the general feeling of your post. It should be pointed out that WE (the British public) voted Blair and his party in THREE times. If anything, the voter should have the weedkiller sent to them.
  5. This kind of thing always reminds me of a sketch off "Not the Nine o clock news"

    "Police are continuing to investigate the death threats made against Mrs Thatcher - 50million people are helping them with their enquiries"

    Much as you may dislike someone that kind of harrasment is out of order
  6. Was there not something similar along the lines of "Hundreds of well-wishers turned up to greet Mrs Thatcher; all wishing she would fall into one"?
  7. Along with the old I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again skit of Macbeth: 'And the people asked for Macbeth as their King with one voice.....'
  8. But she only freed them.
  9. Does anyone know if this bint put an initiator inside the letter - like a bit of easy electronics or some matches - or did she honestly believe that when this package reached the hands of the recipient-anti-christ(s) it would burst into detonation when they breathed on it?

    11 Reg? anyone?