Woman’s ‘bomb dream’

It seems from what is being written though, that she just said she had a dream and it went mental from there on in.
The lady is in Court this morning at Aberdeen. It will be interesting to see what happens.
When 1/2 a million gets spent, some one will be looking for a scapegoat
I had a dream last night that I transformed into a tall handsome stallion of a man with a bank balance the size of John Prescott's pork-pie allowance...

Seems a huge overreaction to what was a "dream" was the a girl a Muslim by any chance ?
Why is everything panic and hysteria the whole time?

People going mental about this bomb dream, media hysteria over that priest-who-looks-like-a-druid talking about Sharia, banks losing their nerve over a few bad loans in america, threads on here about doom and gloom in civvy street.

What's wrong with this nation? It's like the Daily Mail vision of UK come true.

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