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Wolves petrify German Army

I've heard wolves howling at night here whilst waiting for the wee piggies and even though I was armed to the teeth, it makes your arse play half a crown - a dustbin.

Now free range wolves are supposed to be the best thing since sliced pumpernickel, or so the green hermannic tree huggers would have it, they avoid humans like the plague, are shit scared of them and humans of any size don't feature on their mental list of things edible. So wolf cubs won't be stalking people then will they?
Just young wolves, no danger? I've played with a 3 month old mountain lion cub, not much larger than an adult housecat, but far more powerful and its "play" was far rougher than your average housecat. An hour's play left rivulets of blood running down my arms. One of those wolf cubs gets rambunctious enough, you could have a decently injured squaddy on your hands.

Mark The Convict

An army spokesman said the squaddies had received "words of advice" about how to deal with the wolves.

Those words being something like 'Get a fucking grip, you spineless gaylords' no doubt.


Book Reviewer
Scariest military experience I had was sitting up a water tower next to Etosha in the middle of the night with a big fuck off lion prowling around below pissing on my Buffel.

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