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Wolves for sale?

Does anyone know when the MOD are going to release Landrover TUL/M HS (Wolf) for sale to the public?  I love these things and I want one for fun to drive around.  Also I have a mate in the REME who can get me free parts!  ;D
which type do you want davros, i´ve got:-

4x4 FFR without radio x2 (Crypto item you see)
4x4 GS x 8 with air con (Canopy´s a bit worn)

also as a extra deal i´ll throw in a concealment kit,
applicable to terms and conditions, only available in DPM. 8) 8) 8) 8)
fully service history with MEI in date.
OOps, thought that you were trying to sell a shite football team. As I am currently in the process of selling all my shares in Sunderland Association Football Club, I thought I may have had a deal, but apparently not....
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