wolly pully over 95 shirts?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by robber25, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. hello all.

    quick one for you. does dress regs allow you to put mans heavy wool jersey over the top of a 95 shirt?

    ive seen it about and i dont like it!

  2. I've read somewhere that you can, and that there is a regiment in the regs at the moment that are doing it, but can't remember which one. I read it on ARRSE if that helps. If this is from a cadet point of view then i'd say don't bother, thats what the OG shirts are for.


  3. Just don't try wearing one under your shirt.
  4. Agreed on the Norwegian under jumpers.
  5. Norwegians are for the field/ shooting, not ACF training dress! Don't wear them under jumpers and don't wear them under 95 shirts, both look terrible.

    Anyone else noticed the various colours of t-shirts that appear under 95 shirts nowadays? Black, blue, grey etc? I'm a stickler for OG t-shirt only, unless that regt has rules stating otherwise (such as 2RTR- remember certain Dorset ACF dets being allowed black underneath for a time)
  6. I also read it on ARRSE recently... think it's the RGRs... might not be though.
  7. We've got an RTR lot that wear black T-Shirts in our County
  8. The Army Dress Committee has declared that Cbt 95 is No 8 dress. No where on the list of what No 8 dress comprises of does it say jumper heavy wool, It does however (i think) mention jumper heavy wool in No 12 or 13 dress. So answer me this, would you wear your No 2 Jacket with your Cbt 95? No i didn't think so, so why wear a jumper? This is why you are issued with a fleece and a field jacket with Cbt 95. In my experience it is normally RSMs who abuse this as they know that very few are going to challenge them.
  9. Clothing are for warmth and practicality. Stickler for uniformity is during parades. Weekend training and training days etc, whats on earth can possibly be wrong in wearing a jumper on a 95 shirt and under a jacket...Even a Norwegian under a 95 shirt and a jacket, warmth, warmth...
  10. 95 shirts with a wolly pully in the field is not really the best thing to wear , too bulky and can overheat.

    the idea behind a 95 dress , is the layer principles you can add more one when it is cold, being more effectitve with more air layers between each clothing, also you can take them off as required, being light and flexible in the field, is what it has been designed for.

    besides it looks naff too, i have seen before and it just doesn't look professional
  11. Dress Regs states a jumper may be worn over CBT 95 SHIRT
  12. It looks awful, scruffy and un-professional. I remember a shed load of our adults getting a rollocking from OC CTT for wearing norgies under 95 shirts on their AITC. OC CTT put it like this, "you wouldn't wear a wooly jumper under your shirt would you, so why are you wearing a slightly thinner comfier one?" He really did look baffled!

    Norwegians are for on top of shirts/ base layers etc. On the occasions I do wear one I always take it off for lessons, meals and parades. I take pride in my appearance, something I think the ACF (can only really speak from my personal experience) is seriously starting to lack nowadays.

    I really do believe 95 dress discipline needs reviewing in the cadet forces. We are wearing the uniform of HM forces, and should do everything we can to stick to the dress regulations of the respective force we are affiliated to.
  13. Not sure why you'd complain on this one? If your cadets/staff are warm and, baring in mind the dire level of kit supply they recieve, I think this should be enough for you.

    Now if you issue them all a fleece, norwegian etc and by all I mean each and every cadet and staff then yes you may complain about the uniformity and I will gladly retract my indignation. Until that point I think you should remain happy that you haven't got horribly cold children/volunteers who will then be demoralised and be darn happy about it.

    Anyway look on the bright side. At least they're green... unless of course you're attached to a RAC regiment.
  14. why would you wear a shirt in the field?(temperate anyway)

    shirt is a lightweight jacket. either lightweight jacket or field jacket. you dont need both.

    tshirt, norgee, jacket. softy if really cold.
  15. Norwegians are a shirt. Who on earth would wear a shirt on top of a shirt?