Wolfgang of Soltau Schnellie wagon fame

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by knuckle_dragger, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. On chatting to the rest of the sad BAOR cold war veterans that I work with the subject arose of what happened to wolfgang and his Soltau Schnellie wagon ? Is he dead or what ? Personally I thought he should have been in charge of Army recovery training as I never ever saw him bogged in. Has there been any sightings of him in the recent past ?
  2. He was still there in 1993....and was still being pulled out by a 433...
  3. Wolfie was a f ucking legend....

    he used to be at the rail flats when you were unloading the panzers, and if tipped correctly would let you in on where your first harbour area was going to be... he had a fablonned map of the training area with all the excercises chinagraphed onto it...

    I remember being in a harbour area, dug in, no lights.... when his little blue van came bouncing up the track, bibbed his hooter, and we all filed out and queued up for frikkys, pommes and yellow handbags...

    then to save us a recce he drove 2k down the track from us, and we watched the "enemy" do the same thing..

    War is hell.

    I reckon he's opened a schnelly wagen at Everest base camp, and will make runs to the summit to meet you there if there are enough climbers in your party.

    There is also a rumour that Neil Armstrongs famous "one small step" speech was interrupted by the sound of a vehicle horn, and "buzz aldrin" ordering a halb henchen with pommes mayo. :D
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  4. I was more of frikky mit jaeger sauce man myself
  5. Wolfy- the only man to have pulled out a bogged in Chieftan with a schnelly wagon.
    I saw a cave painting on the Discovery channel of a Mammoth stuck in a tar pit, in the back ground was a white mercedes van pulling it out, and a line of cavemen ordering curried terranadon wurst mit pommes rot weis.

    I was attached to the staffords in 90 doing training for medman 3 on Soltau. We were uber tac and even a redfiltered torch would earn you a lump. Even so, mittenacht, blaring lights and horn of wolfie, the CSM going rhino telling everyone to get back in their shell scrapes, only coz he wanted to be first in the queue, the schwantz.

    And shortfuse, that's not just a rumour, fella. Apparently he spoke to crab air about getting his wagon underslung on a chinook to get it up there, but they initially said that there was no flying as it was too sunny. However, 2 bratties, 1 halb hanchen, 2 frickies and 5 portions of pommes later and he was away.
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  6. Did he not appear in a picture in Soldier mag following a battle group???

  7. Heathen
  8. how could any peasant eat his sad offerings when you had sausages compo lard encrusted to eat with cheese possessed given free!! and his curry wurst was shiite-so i was told ---not that i ever tried it at midnight on exercise when we were preparing for the red invasion which proberbly would have coinsided with me getting to the front of the queue before the other greedy bstards who didnt give a damn about national security!!!!
  9. Best Intelligence officer the Russians/East Germans ever had :)

    Da commrade .. give the British tommy a yellow handbag, pommes weiss/rot and frikdellen/bratwurst and you will be able to drive all the way to calais :)
  10. He retired to Spain when they closed Soltau (1994 I think...). I bought the last frikkadelle from him; it was emotional.
  11. My god that is a blast from the past, arriving 4 hours after active edge had been called and his brattie wagon was already there!, and as for yellow handbags - anyone know where you can get Herfie in the UK, I would rob the Bank of England of 40 million quid for one right now..................................
  12. It is a little known secret but the number two deep fat fryer in "Wolfgang 1" was actually a cunningly disguised VRC 353...apparently he salvaged it from that Centurion/chieftain/Challenger/CR2 that was sunk in a bog!! A busload of nurses from Rinteln swam down and hoicked it out for him.. :p
  13. Try www.herforder.de, and see how you get, failing that i'm off back to the uk at the end of march for a week, i can gladly ship some over. Buyer picks up obviosly. The Herforder brewery trip is a fcuking dream. You pay for the tour, then they keep feeding you beer as soon as your stein is empty. Royally Cnuted
  14. Any scaley will tell you Herford rocks, 1 Div doesn't
  15. Herfie ooh yes please. I was in Bunde just down the road for quite a few years, used to visit an Oppo of mine in Kiwi Tp 1 Sqn, when it was 4 ADSR. But seriously a big YES PLEASE for some Herfie, let me know when and where 8)