Wolfgang and Soltu

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by simroy, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Anybody remember the legend that was Wolfgang?

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Ja. The man knew more about British armoured doctrine than anyone in BAOR, particularly where everyone would park up for a smoke and a wee when the practice attack was over. If he wasn't an East German spy, someone in the Warsaw Pact int set-up needs shooting. Thanks to him I still find myself burbling nostalgically about bratties when I'm shopping in Sainsbury's.

    P.S. SoltAu
  3. He could get that bus where no 432 could go, man had godlike powers with a dead horse and old pototes, MIT mayo bitte.
  4. The carlsberg of mobile catering...
  5. IIRC he now runs a camp site up by the Heber crossroads and is very pleased to see anyone who remembers the days of the fully tac blue van=D
  6. He did awesome Frikadellen burgers.He was also great if you needed to know what range you'd be on the following day.
  7. He must be getting on a bit now. Urban myth was he learnt his crosscountry skills driving a kubelwagen back from Russia as a panzergrenadier!!

    Perhaps we could arrange a yellow handbag courtesy of Arsse - I'd stump up if anyone is passing his way.
  8. Simroy - well done, Sir! Another Wolfgang thread - just what we needed. Any chance you could throw in a 'Could we do the Falklands again' before lunchtime? Or a 'Gore-tex - outside or inside'?


  9. Did Wolfgang ever get charged for his alleged peadophilic activities?
  10. I remember my Mum thinking Soltu was some thing like Butlins as my old man was always there , till my dad decided to take us there for a drive when we was camping near there. Soon changed her mind.
  11. Wolfgang also thought the SLR was shite and Cold War warriors were tour dodging no marks.
  12. Did your grand-dad never tell you that fish never bite when it's raining. Wait until the day after, the fishing is better.
  13. A bite was never my intention, so please do not shoot the messenger. Wolfgang only appeared to be friendly because he was coining it in from thousands of badly trained alcoholic servicemen.

    He really did detest those guys (and the SLR).