Just had a message on our website, from the daughter of someone who was based there in the 80s, think it was after we left as his name dont ring a bell, ive his name and he was from Wales, but she doesnt know what Regiment he was in, initials T D, but well if anyone was there after us (16/5th) they can PM me for his name, lets say its an unusual and probably Welsh first name!!!
QDG were there 87-91 according to BAOR Locations site. Their sort of Welsh I believe!
Ta, yes id think QDGs as well, certainly with his first name he dont sound like he is from Brum
True, 1st name is tyrieon.
I was there as a brat in the early seventies. Although I was young, I loved it. Riding bikes around the tank park, and in the big woods at the back of Am Atzumer Busch, sitting quietly and watching deer grazing. Scaring each other with stories about flooded cellars and dead german soldiers......ah the memories!!
was a great camp to be on, loved the fecking place.
anyone know what happened to the camp? I looked it up on Google Earth a while back, it seems to be an industrial estate or similar. What a shame if that's the case, it was a lovely barracks. I would imagins that to have been posted there as a singly would have been quite boring though, unless you had wheels (or was into pad sh@gging!)
there is a site -forum on hear just about wuffers..its now an industrial park.. hasent changed that much..
wuffers as a singly was fantastic...bus stop at bottom of road.. brusweig 10 mins in a taxi, women throwing them selves at you.. we were the front line against the russians,, great posting,, the best ..
scarletto said:
was a great camp to be on, loved the fecking place.
its still a nice town as is brunsweig which is now rebuilt to adolfs standards.
Wolfenbuttel tended to have the reputation to those (me included) never based there as the "best" RAC posting in BAOR. The BAOR locations site is looking for comments on Wolfenbuttel from those who were based there as to what it was like for both singlies and pads.
Building 24, HQ LAD - many a good phish up in the bar there. How I never broke my neck on those stairs on a Friday evening/Sunday afternoon I will never know?

Happy Days, Wolfenbuttel Nov-75 to Sep-78

Nobby, glad to see you got it right Friday Evening till Sunday Afternoon :)
Gundolph said:
Was there a NATO assault course in that area ?
Sicher. Bruchstrasse, Braunschweig. :wink:

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