well exactly im ta RLC and the only time we get our hands on them is when we request them very rarely from the regular infantry unit near by. apart from that we're stuck operating 25 year old landrover 110's
You'll probably find they're over their repair limit. As for the 110's, spares are a hell of a lot cheaper, that's why they are still chugging around. Wouldn't suprise me if the 110's outlast the Wolf.


Are they being sold because of the introduction of the Panther?

Or is it anything to do with this:


In 1994 I saw a 1968 Series IIA AMbulance undergoing heavy repairs to go back in service although much later vehicles had been cast. About the same time, Series III winterised FFRs were being rebuilt on new chassis rather than transferring the kit to the 110s that were being cast.

I'm a big fan of the Land Rover but I think the army has taken to putting too much kit on them. It's supposed to be "Light truck, 4x4" not an armoured gunship.

Pinsgauer looks more suitable as a technical to me.
EX_STAB said:
Pinsgauer looks more suitable as a technical to me.

Pinzaauer (sp??) IIRI would come with the problem of being a C1 vehicle ie light goods weighing more than 3.5T but less than 7.5 which would mean more driver training to get this category on everyones licence.


Its a wmik with an add on armour by armour mobile systems of france.
Dont know anything else about it.
Wolf I drove in iraq was nackered so guess the ta will be keeping the old ones till a new vechicle is procured .Or does whole fleet management mean we all get on the one good wolf eventually?
Saw one of those Vectors going round a test track other day, looked quite impressive. Armour didnt seem to slow it down!

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