WOLF landrovers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank6275, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Whats the script with the ones the army are steadily getting rid of?
    Anyone know where you can get them from?
  2. Withams Specialist Vehicles.
  3. always have my eye on them but never seem to have any
  4. Try the Land Rover Magazines in WHSmith?
  5. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong, but most GS wolfs have been reroled as BOWMAN FFR's and units get the old 110's back as GS :roll: So I would think that any Wolf's earmarked for disposal would be few and far between what with the conversion and OP's.
  6. Be nice to see some rolled onto the TA before disposal
  7. yea exactly but doubt that'll ever happen as our landrovers at the moment are going to DSG to be refit. Wolf looky-likies but still no balls under the bonnet.

    Extra weight + Same old engine = Fail

    Can i stress i HATE the current (sorry old to regulars) landrovers. Us TA are stuck with heaps of Crap

    One army concept my ass!! leave us with the crap as usual.
  8. There is no point in the TA having any thing good. If we had Loads of Wolfs/DAf's they would sit in the TAC and rot like like the Bedfords and Rovers.

    It would be great to have some kit that would get you were you are going and back again. The problem is that you have to jump through to many hops to use the wagons we have. Can't use the Bedfords for troops, can't use half the rovers because of seat belts/roll over protection. The one's you can use you need the drivers with the right paperwork and course's.

    I have seen that there are many Reg units rolling around in the same old kit as use as well. These problems are not helped when new kit is bought only half the number needed procured.
  9. Heres another one off topic which sort of re-iterates saladdogers point.

    Not sure if this is an army wide thing or just my regiment but i have been assisting in MT work the last couple months whilst looking for a full time job after giving up my last one. whilst in MT a signal came through that the harley motorbikes are getting scrapped ( this was after asking if i could get on a motorbike course at grantham or leccy)
    On asking why the bikes were getting scrapped i got the reply of "theres hardly anyone qualified to use them anymore, and those that are qualified are either hardly ever in or dont want to use them"
    Why not rather than scrap the bikes offer people their bike licence and harley training on a plate??

    Theres always loads of kit that doesnt get utilised no matter where you go! our 2 king trailers for DROPS have only been used last week for the first time in months and that was for a trailer transfer course.
    Im also a JCB op and have never had the opportunity to use this equipment on exercise.
    Why is there so much kit that sits about not getting used and not utilised for FTX etc?
  10. I am ready to get my neck wound in on this, however, I think the point about motorcycles is that the whole DR thing is obsolete, certainly on any operations in the foreseeable future. Fancy being that man driving from Lash to Bastion on a bike 8O 8O

    And much like the horse they are now the preserve of specialist/cermonial units

    That is one hell of a training and maintenance bill (both in time and money) for equipment that only ever leaves the MT shed for the rally cross club
  11. slightly of topic I know,but do you need a bike licence to drive/ride the new yamaha quad bikes ?
  12. Quads or for that matter 3 wheeled vehicles (with an unladen weight not exeeding 550kg) require a B1 licence
  14. bloody right, i've been cutting around in a helibedford from the dark ages as of late, scavanging mirrors off of the cast wagons. Never mind the tractor unit that doesn't have a trailer sitting outside the office.
  15. Either you need to improve your driving skills or you need to have a word with yourself - Bedfords aren't supposed to look like a 1960's Lambretta. ;)