Wokka Breakdown!!!

I take it now after viewing this vid of the heli it will be accepted by some nameless civi flying a desk for operational service!

God help us!! :D
Now then, do you chaps still want the RAF SH fleet? :D
Well, thats one way to strip down the pylon for a C17 move

Never let it be said the CrabDicks are lazy

(In fact, Hang on, CrabDicks ARE lazy)


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Did someone forget to shout "Chocks away!"
Please excuse my lack of knowledge here , but come somebody explain what that was all about ? I presume that it was being tested ? and the rear pylon fell off on purpose . Please do tell as i feel a complete biff
Very odd, it looks as though they have rigged the rotors to push down rather than pull up. Were they testing to see what happens if the aircraft becomes inverted in flight? :?
It appears to be on a test rig for either ground resonance testing or blade load testing. You can see a vertical marker at the rear of the fuselage possibly to indicate lateral oscillations. Not sure if they planned on it being destructive testing though. It actually took a surprisingly long amount of time before it completely broke up considering the state the blades were in half way through the clip.

You want to have a look at the comments on that site. It turns into a reet old USA v The world.

Comments such as;
And this;
What a piece of shit. Must have been built in Europe.
Until someone enlightened the hick that it is a Boeing aircraft and manufactured in the good ole US of A!

Aint the internet great. It allows even the most retarded window lickers an opinion.

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