WoKa WoKa dropping troops off

FunkyNewBlood said:
On a building roof!

Taken in the 'stan in 2003.

No, all of you Black Country / West Midland readers, its not Darlastan!!

Sorry FNB, But ?
Its not all that unusual to clear a building from the top down. Nothing worse than lobbing a frag up a stairway, only to see it come bouncing back down! :(
Oh, I see what you mean, just had a look at the piccy. Thats a nice bit of flying, considering the pilots limited veiw in a Chinook.
reminds me of my first time on a Chinook:

20 of use, full CFO, waiting for a pick up. No one had been told of the blast the engines kick out. Yes, 20 of us flat on our backs like turtles arms, legs and rifles flailing in the air. The loadie was chuckling for the whole trip, obviously relaying what he'd seen to the flight crew.

Anyway, there we were, steely eyed dealers of death.

I remember trying hard not to shi'ite my pants, trying to hold my 'yeah, i've done this loads of times' facial expression. Looking around I could see that everyone else was stone faced, obviously feeling like the little girl I was.... Hey I was young, foolish, goodlooking, had hair.... :D
Notice how the down-draught has blown the contents of the fire-pit into the porch area. Whats the 999 response time in Afghanistan? :D

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