Wogan & Now Then.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rumrunner, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Any one watch David Icke on 'Wogan Now' & Then tonight? 15 years on, the man is still barking mad. What an absolute nutter. He’s not on this site is he?

    Just type David Icke into a search machine and see what it brings up. Absolutely bloody amazing! :lol:
  2. You beat me to this - watched it the first time and couldnt work out what he was on about, so watched the repeat - even assisted by a few glasses of best malt - have no idea what the bollox he was spouting was all about - have had more sensible conversations with a jock on tennants extra strong - the mans a complete cnut.
  3. Is this the bloke that said everyone should where turquoise shell suits to deflect harmfull mind rays comming from space?
  4. Youve got him - hes also an ex coventry city goal keeper - if anyones intrested
  5. Diddy David Icke. The ideal man to replace Sh@gger Ericson as England manager. We must have him!
  6. After some of his doubtful prouncements on TV and radio the police on the Isle of wight had to "move on" over a hundred young people who had gathered outside his house chanting, "David give us a sign".

    One of life's more colourful tossers I think. :D
  7. Osacin check this out http://www.davidicke.net/ :mrgreen:
  8. Terry Wogan is a man who forgets where he is from. When was the last time he went back to he's native Limerick???
  9. You assume that they'd let him back............
  10. after reading rumrummers link, and then having a lie down in a darkened room with a glass of malt, i now propose david icke ans a candidate for the liberal party leadership - any seconders ????????????????
  11. yeah I just love his twinkling home counties accent....
  12. Have you seen the state of Limerick lately? If I were Terry Wogan I'd be forgetting where I came from pretty quick... :D

    Regarding your avatar - An bhfuil tú as an Chiarraí?
  13. I thought that one with the drunken Irish ball kicker and Omar Sharif was excellent