Woeful shortages put soldiers lives at risk


The British Army is operating with "woefully inadequate" resources in Afghanistan that are putting soldiers' lives in danger, The Daily Telegraph can disclose this evening.

Apache helictopter: 'Woeful' shortages put soldiers' lives at risk
Just 50 per cent of Apache helicopters in Afghanistan are working

Despite Tony Blair's promise last year that the Army would be furnished with whatever equipment it needed there are still glaring and dangerous gaps in what is being delivered on the ground.

The Daily Telegraph spent three weeks on the front line with troops in Helmand province and discovered a number of alarming kit deficiencies that are making one of the world's most hostile environments even more perilous.

A long piece worth reading.
some blatant nonn facts in there though warriors without air con ...can be fitted ...80p pay rise full screw to stripey hmm no 3%min pay rise so even if was on £50 a day (just for example would be on more) that would be £1.50 a day grrrrrrrrr hate it when facts are not right whichever way it makes it apear to 1 UK CIV DIV

BUT at least highlighting shortage of support for our ops
The danger of not enough pilots or flying hours became only too apparent when I joined A Company, Royal Anglians, for a night attack into the village of Lwar Malazi.

Because it was May 31 we were told there would be no close air support from the British Apache attack helicopters as we went into the village where a suspected 25 Taliban lay in ambush.

"It's the end of month and the aircraft have used up all their flying hours," we were told.
Sometimes I pray that they would down tools and refuse to fight until they are provided with the support they deserve. Unfortunately (or fortunately for this vile cunt of a government), our comrades are far too proud and professional to do so.
In certain circles the greatest concern is at having to cancel the Duke of Gloucester visit.

These things matter more to some than, say, small matters like ammo shortages, lack of air support/transport and few ground vehicles. After all, we can borrow stuff from the Estonians so that is OK then

You could not make it up.
Again this is nothing new....just history repeating itself......I can remember landover engines in short supply in Borneo,Aden and clothing shortages during the Falklands War.......

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