WOCLM Part 2

I am on my WOCLM part 2 from 25 Oct 04 (after 5 days notice) and would like to cheat us much as possible.

does anyone have anything that might help from their WOCLM (or any other one for that matter) :?:

A word of warning - you're playing a dangerous game. There are limited opportunities to cheat on the WO CLM Course and those who do and get caught face immediate RTU. I know of 3 cases in the last month alone. It's surprisingly easy to spot work copied from other students - even those who aren't on the same course. ETS Officers move between AECs regularly and tend to remember assessments they've read elsewhere.

The WO CLM coursework isn't hard and apart from a bit of pre-reading on current affairs you won't be too disadvantaged by your late notice loading.

One more point - there's only one WO CLM Course starting on 25 Oct and I'm sure they know who the last minute student is. ETS Officers read ARRSE too!

Not a problem buddy. Like the chopper said, you'll get by easily if you've half a brain, even at short notice. I did mine quite recently and did OK, so if you want some stuff, give us your details and I'll email it on. We did have some visiting instructors, but are they going to know every piece of work?? I doubt it...
Its not bad for your typical army course, in fact it was a nice break from the real world! I got to rock up and sit around having a (all be it very long) chat for 3 weeks. Made me feel like I should have been to the officers mess for my tea and toast breaks!! Its pretty hard to cheat because there are no exams. You just spout on and give your opinion about stuff - no major brain drain, and some of the stuff was actually pretty helpful. You're right - Its all a bit hit and miss as to what instructors are like. The best one we had was LE. Not sure what that says though.......
spank_the_monkey said:
Officers can read?
Of course they can read.
They just can't write - it's like doctors' "spider" writing!


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