Wobbly Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by yank_eyetie, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. poor old Cyclops lacks binocular vision, hence he's prone to stumble.

    Would help him see where he's going if he kept the other eye open though.
  2. My (admittedly limited) reading of this journal leads me to believe that it views foreign governments, even long standing allies, as useful only as long as they do exactly what the neocons in Washington say they should. Any signs of independent thought are to be heavily criticised as soon as they appear. The only exception to this rule would seem to be Israel.

    I also see that there is no hint of either embarassment or irony when they smugly report that Gordon's troubles are in part due to incompetence on the part of the US financial industry.
  3. The US must realise that Blair and Brown are different animals. Blair happily wagged his tail, sniffed the reeking crotch of Bush and generally played the lapdog. Brown however is the old incontinent labrador who is quite happy to pee on the carpet of the Oval Office.

    However, they are both dogs and will hump anything for a bowl of scraps.
  4. How very nicely put.
    And we, the rest of the population, remain craven whelps, undecided whether to snarl or simper, as we cower in the yard waiting to follow what ever bullying dysfunctional runt becomes our pack leader.
  5. Lets hope we don't end up in a sack full of rocks wondering where all the water is coming from.
  6. Tell me that you don't write CR's. :lol:
  7. If only I did. :lol:
  8. Digital:
    Strangled roughly for our cheap fur and our entrails thrown on the rocks to be devoured by the American Eagle, more like.
  9. Neuroleptic,

    You're basically correct; although the author is a Brit. The magazine is old-line conservative, and they view British PMs through the prism of Thatcher and Blair. Blair still has rock star status here in spite of everything he has done, and they curiously forget the Thatcher-Reagan disagreements.
  10. Brown has blown the UK economy and King George has shaftedthe world economy.
    Mind you Georgei Boys well off friends have done very well out of his rape of the Yankee system
  11. No really so Jon, China, India, Russia and our very good freinds in the Middle East are OK and getting a lot stronger. So everything will be fine as I am sure the emerging Nations will accept the novelty of hiring illiterate young Britons and Americans as dog walkers and bag carriers.
  12. We'll have to disagree on this one A J.
    Clinton left the US in Credit, the coffers where full.
    This goes against Republican beliefs and one of King George's earlyacts was to 'Spend' the 'reserves' with his tax cuts.The small man gpt a few hundred bucks, the rich proffed well. The tax cuts gave people more to spend and helped start the movement of the citizen living on credit,money they did not have, a major contributor to the now fashionable Sub Prime crisis
    We still do not know the reason why Iraq became a Must Do and one of if not the most exspensive wars in history.
    From Profit and Security to the current Climate of Despondancy.
    You should hear my Yankee aquantances squeal over the $.
    And yes Anglo dog walkers, you just cann't get the local staff anymore.
  13. "Moreover, he has demonstrated little leadership over the Iranian nuclear question, and has strongly supported the new European Union Reform Treaty, which will undermine British sovereignty and the transatlantic alliance. "

    tell it like it is fellas!!!!!!!!

    pi$$ off brown, your not wanted {either here or their it seems}
  14. this is absolute GOLD

    the gaffe-prone Malloch Brown gave an outspoken interview to the Telegraph in which he boasted that Britain and America were no longer “joined at the hip” prompting a swift slap down from Foreign Secretary David Miliband

    miliband....slap down???????

    genius......he couldnt slap a fish.