WO2-WO1 and RSMs

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by k613, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Congratulations all to those selected for WO1 and those selected for RSM.
  2. congratulations all, some top people on there.

    JB - just about the most professional, hardworking instructor i've ever met.
    SS - still a super-nice person after all these years (although you don't blush when people swear, like you did when we joined ;) )
    PM - cracking bloke.

    AM and charlie - hope you'll still talk to us lowlifes now you're RSMs! :)
  3. Post and a half CR mate, anyone else's ricker you'd care to rim up to toecap standards? :roll:
  4. *yawn* obviously i will be awake all night tonight worrying what you think of me :roll:

    being nice to decent people doesn't take much. just have to be a bit more secure in yourself than you apparently are.

    what's the matter, upset nobody ever says anything nice about you, you bitter, insignificant little dullard? :)
  5. An appropriate level of congratulations on a very public and heavily used website methinks and for what it is worth, a sentiment I fully concur with.

    Just no need to go overboard - send the guys a text a PM, or an email, it'll mean much more than a public display of affection on ARRSE.

    Dullard - thats good! :D
  6. Looks at stopwatch, 3, 2, 1, and...
  7. gay? nice one genius. it's not a bloke. :roll:

    hope you're not responsible for analysing anything important in your day job. :D
  8. Congratulations to all those who have picked up !!

    Hard work sometimes pays off...... and buying a Lotus raffle ticket for Help for Heroes could win you a new Lotus Elise to park in the WO's mess car park !!

    Link you need is


    If you would also all be kind enough to pass around the boys, the more we raise for Maj Phil Packer and H4H the better. If you need flyers or posters, please ust PM me and I'll get some in the post

    Many thanks for your help in advance !!

    Cars sponsored by Griffin Tax Free, Lotus Cars GB, and Mazda Motors UK.
  9. Fact is, the post is still as gay as fcuk, which arguably means that you could hardly make it any gayer.....therefore I'd argue Hibs has a point. 8O I'd stick to analysing how much sugar and milk your WO needs in his/her brew, get it right and you too could be on route to a public hoop muff on ARRSE through a selection for promotion. :D
  10. there's a surprise, you and your twin brother agreeing with each other. seems you never miss an opportunity to toss each other's salad :puker:
  11. And it took you 25 hours and 49 minutes to come out with that! 8O Bright lad indeed.
  12. Back on thread, it looks like your chance of reaching RSM is now better if you're not a WO1 already!

    At least there's no transferees in the new lot!
  13. bet you had to take your shoes and socks off for that ;)
  14. [quote="CRmeansCeilingReached]

    bet you had to take your shoes and socks off for that ;)[/quote]

    Only so I could put my feet up and relax whilst taking a swipe at yet another of your rather pish poor posts. 8O

    I'll add my point again, rather than publicly nosh a load of WO's - why not text, email, PM, or do as the rest of us do and pick up the blinking phone for a hearty chat! Afterall, if any of those guys don't use ARRSE, they'll miss your vomit inducing, sychophantic remarks anyway! :wink:
  15. You really don't have a clue who or where the bat fastard is, do you?

    Are you:
    i). a total J2 newbie?
    ii). A relic from a bygone age of Int + Sy Branch HQFARELF / FITTER C / PR9 / 13 Sig Regt / Car 45 ~Herford 2222 / the RIC Bar ? or
    iii). Op Int + Sy's alter-ego ?

    My vote is i). ........ sgst U stck 2 yr X Bx M8 ;-)

    Edit: Before one of Hibs Bez multiple identities jumps in, could I just add that AB's remarks are typical of the shoddy analysis that one takes for granted from today's Intelligence Corps.

    At least in 6 PI Coy there was some element of credibility /Edit

    Sicknote: you can shut up as well!!