WO2 Warrant Certificate.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by rockman, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. I have a question regarding the presentation/issue on the WO2 Warrant certificate. Is this presented on promotion or doe's
    my RHQ have to request it. Been made up nearly 18 months now. Starting to think my RHQ can't be bothered.
  2. 20 years ago mine came rolled up in a cardboard tube. It did have the correct address on it which was a bonus...lol
  3. It is automatically dispatched when your 'substantive' rank has been part 2'd onto JPA.
    How it is presented is a different matter...try, thrown over the table still in its delivery tube by the Adjt!!!
  4. As a WOII where in Queens Regs does it suggest you ask on the internet?

    Surely a quick scuse me in the mess would have the question answered, instead you want to make a cock of yourself on Arrse.

    I think you are taking the piss, Im too old to say W
  5. If i remember correctly mine came when i had already gone up to the next level, try ringing your records orrifice and very
    nicely ask " where the fck*** my warrant"
  6. Are you Substantive in the rank of Warrant Officer having completed CLM?
  7. Just think, if you were an American you would be getting saluted!

  8. No, no. The Yanks don't have a WO2. They get WO1 for passing basic. Not sure if they get a medal as well...
  9. Mine turned up within days of getting my sub WO2. Presented in tube across desk with the immortal line of 'this came for you'.
  10. Blimey, I'm not the only one!
  11. Loving your work!

    "yeah, I'm the same rank as him!" Really, and where is your Warrant CRAB?
  12. Got mine just a couple of months ago. Nearly 3 years from sub date. I think they might have been waiting for me to die so they could save the cost of print.
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  13. Pffft! The Army's going soft! Next thing you know you'll be looking for a cup of char and a biscuit from your sergeant-major.:nod:
  14. Mine must have sat in Tom King's in tray for two years. Then, when Malcolm Rifkind took over, Tom must have said "Here, can you sign this and stick a stamp on it?"

    He wasn't in a hurry to send it, either.
  15. When I was presented mine is was already framed - which was nice!

    Signed by Rifkind, was a downer as I never liked him.

    I must get it down from the attic sometime :)