WO2 Seniority Scale

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Flying Felix, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. I know that this is going to attract a whole load of banter replies but hopefully I might get one serious reply:

    We are having a formal stag dinner and I need to know where the WO2 (Y of Sigs) and WO2 (F of Sigs) come in the WO2 appointment seniority scale.

    e.g. senior to SSM but not to SQMS, Yeoman senior to Foreman etc.


  2. Date of rank as substantive WO2. Simple.
  3. By appointment and then by time in rank:

    FofS IS
    YofS EW
  4. Seniority in rank is how we do it but...

    Must not bite........ Surely the supervisors are above the RD appointments as they are only Regimental appointments. Supervisors are Corps appointments and YofS being the senior supervisor..... Now where did I put that helmet?
  5. Foreman comes before Yeoman. RQMS comes before these because he is next to the RSM by appointment. They are all regimental appointments, the only Corps appointment is the Corps RSM.

    Interestingly for SSgt:

    FofS IS
    YofS EW
  6. Very interesting and potentially very useful. Where are these orders of seniority referenced from, both the WO2 and SSgt?
  7. Unless things have changed dramatically in the last few years, the principle of the Mess is that all are members and distinguished purely by seniority - the only exceptions being the Badge and the unfortunate individual who is holding down PMC. Individual Messes may have their own local peculiarities and habits, of course.
  8. As sprogmeister says - where is this seniority document? I find it odd that a you seem to suggest the a Foreman IS is senior to both YofS and Yeoman EW as both trades have been established now for some time.
  9. Fight………….fight …………fight!

    What have I started?

    Thanks for the help. Is the IS or EW included in the appointment title eg WO2 (F of S IS) or is it just WO2 (F of S).

    So far I’ve got in total:


    Anyone know where WO2 (QMSI) would sit, we don’t actually have any but I’m thinking between RQMS and SQMS, on the basis its from the QMG.
  10. Felix, you doing the seating plan for the Convention in Nov? :)
  11. The reason we are being so pedantic is that it is first stag function (not even any official guests) in abut 5 years and we will probably not have another one for another 5 years!

    Normally due to guests etc we just go for time in rank but we are trying to make this as traditional as possible.

    In a number of our Regt / Units (Not Sigs) the RQ is actually a WO1 so there isn’t the problem of the RQ v SQ.

    Don’t worry this is only a starting point as the PEC is actually RAF it’s to give him an initial guide before it goes to the RAWO for seniority dates etc.

    As we have a fair amount of RSigs attached we wanted to know where to slot them in as opposed to sticking them on a separate table in the anti-room. ;)

    Where have the smilies gone?

    Edited for being a mong!
  12. Surely it's as laid out in QR's?

    Conductor, Artillery, Academy, Garrison Sergeant Majors then all WO1 by rank seniorty (courtesy/tradition dictates presiding WO1 goes first)

    for WO2 all "laurels" by rank seniority then all other WO2 by rank seniorty (again courtesy/tradition places RQMS at head of Q's)
  13. May I suggest you read QR’s Chapter 9 Part 3, specifically Para 9.163 – 9.170 rather than listening to random well meaning (sometimes misguided) advice on here.

    May I also suggest you don’t confuse seniority with Appointments and Precedence because they are different things :wink:
  14. You're shit, everybody knows its:

    Ammo Techs
    The rest

    It doesn't matter where they sit, we don't care.

    A QMSI can sit in the toilets.