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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Detmolderstrasse, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. I raise my glass to those lads & lasses who were successful on the WO2 Promotion Board.

    For those who didn’t make it, better luck next time. (Don’t get bitter & twisted.)
  2. Odd choice of name; based in Bielefeld are we? In the mess yesterday?
  3. Regardless of whether DS was in the mess yesterday the message is right on the mark. Well done to you all which ever trade you are in you all clearly deserve your promotion and should now push for the big badge.
  4. C'mon, someone spill the beans, what happened in the Mess at 7 Regt, did someone get a bit carried away with the celebrations?

    As for DS, (Whom I know.) he hasn't there on Freitag.

    No doubt he will defend his good name :rofl: later.

    Edited by Edgey to add: In my haste I nearly forgot.

    Well done all!
  5. Nothing innocous meant here and I doubt anything happened in the 7 Regt Mess either; I was just fishing lol...
  6. Well Done Ladies and Gents, hope all your wishes come true ie not Abingdon/Gutersloh
  7. If anyone was in the 7 Regt Mess on Friday could you also please inform me of what happened, I was there at 1400 then awoke on my couch fully dressed at 0500! Not too sure what went on in between!

    Congrats all, apart from 1 cos he's a cnut.
  8. At least you made it to your couch this time, not the bush/ camper van/outside the door/ on the stairs :dance: Delete which is non applicable
  9. As Edgey says I wasn't there, however I was guilty of celebrating.

    I also appear to have lost several hours of my life, it’s a total blank, I woke up totally naked, blindfolded with an MOD Form 425 sticking out of my ARRSE!

    Can the guilty person/people please pm me!
  10. Were you celebrating?
  11. If someone can tell me what happened on friday, i would also like to know.

    I think i was there but dont remember very much

    Must have been a good day anyway cos it hurt soooo much on Saturday
  12. Apparently you were in a mess mate, not in the mess!

    and yes I agree the old bloke on the board is cnutish!