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WO2 Michael Smith

I attended a D day memorial service at the cenotaph on the plateau at St Georges Hall Liverpool yesterday and ended up having a few jars with some of the very old and bold including the British Legion and Royal Artillery standard bearers. They have asked me to pass on their thanks for the turn out at his funeral of WO2 Michael (Mick) Smith of 29 Commando Royal Regiment of Artillery lost to us in Afghanistan on the 8/3/07 which was held at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. They noted many badges including RA, Para and Kngs Rg but were particularly touched by the large contingent of serving RM who made the trip up from Plymouth to pay their respects.

I always make the effort to attend the services for local boys but missed this one due to a work commitment. The old boys told me how sad, proud and privileged they felt at being able to attend services for our lost comrades and how comforted the families feel by the attendance of both serving and ex members of the Armed Forces at these events. They were both clearly touched by the arrival of coach loads of men in green berets who arrived for Mick Smiths funeral and said that though it didn't lessen the loss for his family and friends they were astounded by the respect and effort to attend that was shown.

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