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Does anybody on here have the latest on this, as in how do you stand if you are MLD or MND? I would have assumed that for certain posts it wouldn't matter if you were not MFD, such as DE&S and other non field force posts.

I'm aware that WOCLM now has an AFT, is an AFT pass now the minimum physical standard for progression above SSgt?


I thought all personnel in DE&S posts were now supposed to be available for trawls so that would indicate a minimum of MLD if not MFD.
MLD makes sense, I'd not heard of the trawls but am aware of certain teams doing short deployments, due to the nature of their work.

I suppose my original question should have been, is it still possible to gain substantive WO2 if you can't pass an AFT.
I believe so. I know of a WO2 hoping to pick up early on the Dec board despite being downgraded since his last promotion.

Best bet would be to give MPC or maybe even RAS if you have any contacts there for a definitive answer though
WO CLM now has AFT? When's that, on Part 3? I've done 1 and 2 this year and no AFT on either of those? First l have heard of that mate.
Sparky, I didn't think that WO2->WO1 promotion/employment would be particularly affected, other than in the scoring at the promotion board. I'm assuming rightly or wrongly that the AFT on RWOC is a new development and would affect those hoping to promote to WO2, who have not yet completed it.

We've seen changes in the last few years to PNCO Cadre and J/SCLM, which have required the soldier to pass P/AFT in order to pass the course (these sentiments appear to have been echoed on promotion board results) but I had assumed until now that anyone with a valid SCLM and or ACFC3 pass could then promote to WO2/WO1 without passing PFT or AFT again.

Funnily enough it was a conversation with someone at RAS which prompted my initial question.
WO CLM now has AFT? When's that, on Part 3? I've done 1 and 2 this year and no AFT on either of those? First l have heard of that mate.
Sorry should have clarified, it's now on REME Warrant Officers Course (RWOC), which is WOCLM Part 1 for REME soldiers.
JMES status doesn't affect promotion board grading (JMES Status should not even feature in SJAR).

JMES status is not taken into account, deliberately, on Assignment Board during initial allocation. JMES status unknown to board, until all posts have been allocated at which point the Employability Board begins (usually directly following conclusion of Initial Assignment Board).

Employability Board checks suitabily of individual in new role, based on JMES status.

Corps Instructions details Physical Fitness criteria for.promotion and Career Courses (recently updated).

Hope this helps!
Corps Instructions details Physical Fitness criteria for.promotion and Career Courses (recently updated).

Hope this helps!
Cheers bm, so they have.

From E6:

30. General. The Employment Board considers the suitability of non-MFD soldiers for
employment in the next rank to ensure they are capable of completing MATTs and where
applicable meeting CLM course standards, which include the start standards and course
objectives; emphasis is placed on the physical elements with all soldiers expected to complete
MATTs 1-9 during the training year and prior to attending the relevant CLM Part 1 course.
There are no physical element waivers for REME soldiers, regardless of their JMES grading or
CEG. Soldiers that are not capable of meeting physical MATTs should not expect to promote.

33. Outcome. Using corporate knowledge each Board Member shall place the candidate in
one of three categories based on the evidence presented:

a. Yes – The Board believes the soldier can be employed in the higher rank/could
complete MATTs, BCCS training where applicable, and is widely employable.
b. More Information Required - Insufficient evidence to make a recommendation.
c. No - The Board believes the soldier cannot be employed in the higher rank/could
not complete MATTs, BCCS training where applicable, and is not widely employable.

4. Other REME Career Training. REME career courses without field and BCCS phases are
outside the scope of this policy and further guidance on attendance is unnecessary. These are:

f. The REME WOs’ Course (RWOC).

Soldiers attending RWOC are not required to have completed their MATTS prior to attending.

3. Balancing the Requirement. REME personnel are selected for promotion based upon
their performance, employability and their potential for higher rank. Employability includes their
potential for employment in the COE. This policy seeks to balance 2 competing issues:

a. REME personnel (commensurate with their role) must be able to deploy, work, fight,
survive, command and lead in the COE.
b. REME personnel must be given a fair chance to qualify for promotion if capable of
doing so.
Other than the line in bold (which I'll believe when I see it), as usual, clear as mud and doesn't take into account that RWOC now has an AFT.
Bikermouse, I know it was on the last course. Just seen this in November's promotion letter from REME Sldr Wg:

30. Employability Board. Under current CLM policy soldiers are initially selected for acting rank which is substantiated on completion of the relevant Part 1 CLM course. To ensure soldiers are capable of attending the CLM course, an Employability Board takes place prior to the promotion results being promulgated; soldiers that are non–MFD and are incapable of passing the relevant Part 1 CLM course will not be selected for promotion; achievement of MATT 2 remains a key indicator. It is imperative therefore that REME Sldr Wg holds the most recent Appendix 9 for non-MFD soldiers. JMES gradings and MATTs are also checked on JPA as part of the process
To answer my original question.

You can indeed be selected for promotion to WO2 if you are MLD or MND. This also includes those unable to pass Matt 2.
Christ, I'm glad I was never REME. The TLAs would have done for me from the start. Cough cough....
Regardless of CLM, an employability board still runs directly after each promotion board for MLD and MND pers. Individuals are selected on their ability to perform the job (whatever their assignment may likely require) in conjunction with their App 9. MFD soldiers should not be expected to be selected without MATT 2 (unless fitness weaknesses are not stated on SJAR/JPA). Also, don't forget any announcement of promotion selection is subject to confirmation of eligibility and now also T3. Hopes this clarifies the quagmire! :)
Hahaha, cheers BM. Personally I'd prefer that whoever writes corps policy would be a little less waffty.

"Should not expect" means absolutely **** all, how about "cannot" or "can". How about a little transparency in how we do business.

If Matt 2 only applies to SCLM/ACFC3 and below, then say so.

Surely that's preferable to just leaving policy open to interpretation. If the intention is to ignore the rules in order to fill gaps, say that too.

Not a dig at you, just observations by someone bemused at the seemingly intentional writing of policy (not specifically corps related) that is left open to interpretation.
I suppose my original question should have been, is it still possible to gain substantive WO2 if you can't pass an AFT.
Are you struggling to pass one?
Are you struggling to pass one?
Hahaha, very good Matthew. No, I'm fine thanks, yourself? I thought your "military career" was behind you, after you flounced off in a huff from the TA, due to everybody at every unit you were part of being of the shared opinion that you are a penis. You also (to great fanfare in your head) binned it as a mod, only to continue deleting anything you don't like from the TA board.

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