WO1 Marcus Bartlett RAMC

I don't normally make posts on here other than responses to those already made, but on this occasion....

It is with great sadness that news reached me today of the death of Marcus last week. For those that knew Marcus, I think they would agree that he was a true gentleman and had not an ounce of malice within him. He has a lot of friends and I for one will miss him sorely, my thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

A sad day for the Corps to lose such a great guy.
RIP Marcus, sad days indeed.
One of those decent, down to earth, honest blokes - truly sorry to lose such a good man.

Rest in Peace mate

Barty my dear friend, you were 1 in a million and I feel honoured to have shared your friendship over the years. Sweet dreams my friend and rest in peace, I will remember you with the fondest of memories.
RIP Barty I remember a few nights in the NAAFI bar at 4AFA. you will be sorely missed just sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up again on the 4AFA reunion in Birmingham

rest in peace mate rest in peace
BLU-97 said:
Is this the Bart who was Practice Manager at Carver Barracks, Wimbish in the early 2000s? Cricketer?
loved his Cricket. Not sure about being in Wimbish.
Quality bloke with loads of mates, a true reflection of the kind of person Barty was. Corp Legend! RIP lad
Don't think our paths crossed but from the other contributors comments he was a credit to the Corps and deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends.

Rest easy mate.
RIP Barty.

Will always remember a night on guard at 4AFA with him going off to a concert of a rock variety and him doing his utmost to not look like a squaddie complete with skin tight trousers and wig, getting changed just out of sight of the guardroom.
Truely a sad sad day. Rest well Barty, you were one of the good guys xx

Anyone have any info on where / when respects can be paid?

Same question from me please? Just when and where if you could help.
I had the honour to share a room with Marcus through basic training. Also I remember a few merry nights in North Camp at the end of Basic. RIP

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