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How sad. He was one of my SAA Instructors at Sandhurst - a magnificent guy and every inch a soldier. I can still remember him telling me that he got "£46 fcuking pound a week" for teaching idiots (that'd be the Officer Cadets) the GPMG!

My condolences to his family.
Regret to inform anyone concerned


Aye. And the eve of Gallipoli Day is as good as any to turn up yer toes.

I imagine he'd have grit his teeth, and hung on in there, to avoid St George's.

A grand man - old school to the bone. No mourning on my part: rather I am glad that he lived, and that I knew him, however briefly.

Like all of you I was deeply saddened at Jockys death. He was a great soldier, character and friend. I had the sad honour of attending his funeral in Killyleagh. Major (Retd) John Potter gave a very fitting tribute to him which precisely summed up his life and all that he stood for. I will down many a glass of "Bush" to his memory.

In the going dowm of the Sun ...... we will remember him.

In Arduis Fidelis

Jocky obviously settled in Co Down after his service. I'll raise a toast to his memory.

I'm pleased to hear John Potter is still with us. I don't want to hijack this thread but is he the author of A Testimony to Courage: The History of the Ulster Defence Regiment 1969-1992? I've not read it but noticed it on Amazon.
I am very sad to have to tell you that Jocky's brother Dykes ( WO1 (RSM) David Duffus MBE Q O Hldrs) passed away today. He had been ill for a while. He was RSM of the Q O Hldrs and of 3 UDR also. He was GSM Osnabruck Garrison in 1981 - 82. He attended Jocky's funeral in Killyleagh.

Rest in Peace Old warrior.

Mike 83

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