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Discussion in 'REME' started by steven8661, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Just seen the WO1 board results and there are now 3 WO1 Artisans.
    Is this a one off or is the Corps looking at going down this route. It Came as a bit of a suprise when i saw it as i never expected it. Did anyone else expect it.

    Thought id start a thread on the subject, as im sure it will be a quite opinionated subject.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. A good thing as far as I'm concerned, a technical corps should make use of its talented tradesmen to fill these slots rather than hand them over to failed infanteers. I find it hard to believe that we can't find the required skills to knock up the odd duty roster and carry a stick from within.
  3. A bad thing in my opinion. Promote our best artisans to WO1 of course, I'm all for finding technical posts for our best tradesmen but as a Corps we are sadly lacking in military DNA; those failed infanteers bring that. Between ops we train, someone must deliver that training, and that someone is becoming very thin on the ground. Many artisan WO2s in CSM roles arrive with no training background... what Corps in its right mind appoints a CSM that can't run a range?
  4. I think you are looking through narrow glasses. I made WO2 Artisan and ended up as an RQMS. Did the course at Deathcut and went to 19CSS. Loved the role and my CRs seemed to indicate I was doing a good job. I knew two Artisan WOs who ended up as CSMs and they fared similar. You would get any relevant training you need for the role -small point but how difficult is it to run a range? Not very if you have done your homework right. I have, however, seen the good old RS CSMs get it wrong on range days - no packed lunches or brew kit etc and I can remember two occasions where we rocked up with the wrong ammo for the range.

    As a SNCO, regardless of capbadge, you should be able to deliver military training to a certain level anyway - ITDs (or whatever they are now), weapon skills, military skills etc.

    About time we had Artisan WO1, they can bring alot to the party
  5. I agree it's a good thing, I know one of the guys promoted and he will make an excellent WO1.....as for the usual response from the usual suspects, bore off with the RS slagging, ex infanteers (which I was not) do still bring a lot to the training side, me....I'm glad I am away from the knives and back stabbing.
  6. Fair enough, failed tradesman then.
  7. Being an old fart AND AN EX bRAT I remember the Mil Trg at Brat school being done by Infantry including Para Regt and others ,all experienced infantrymen. The RSM and CSMs were all drawn from the Guards Regts Consequently we went out to units with a pretty high level of basic mil skills.
    It wasn't until you gto to a unit that the usual REME attitude came in .... I well remember on Exercises the GPMG / LMG being wrapped in polythene bags and stowed in kit bins ... instead of being mounted on the vehicles and clerks . Personal weapons too ..Techs were the worst for this as I remember.
    IMHO there was always too much" I'm a tradesman not a grunt" attitude within the Corps and military training was never taken seriously enough. I would imagine that in the current Operational climate the attitude towards Mil Skills has changed radically ;)

    So essentially by all means lets have WO 1 Artisans AT TRADE .... but lets´have the infantry teaching infantry skills.
  8. Couldn't agree more. I went through Poperinghe in the 1970s and the other arms instucters were some of the best I encountered, they gave me a good grounding in infantry skills that saw me in good stead for some of my varied attachments.
  9. Having had the pleasure of doing numerous tours at trade, I have seen the best of the REME in various Theatres. The best of the REME is always the guys in the Fitter Sections be it VM's, Recy Mechs and even the Techs deploying forward to fix REMOVER/REVIVOR in FOB locations.
    At no time on these tours have I seen any RD/RS or what ever you call yourself these days even leave camp, doing the job that they had meant to have joined up to do. I do have respect for the ex Infantry type people that have been there and done it, in my experience they always make the best instructors, the career RS soldier has done what? Stayed at training establishments and lied to kids! So please don't tell me that it isn't right that Artisans are picking up RSM slots, run a range half of you couldn't run to the NAAFI!
    Well done to those guys that did pick up, I'm sure you will do the Corp proud.:-D

  10. First of all I am not sure if that is aimed at me or just a general post , but as my name suggests I was a gun fighter not RS : Second I'm pretty sure when BNs deploy they take their RS with them and thirdly I think a few RS may well take issue with yr view ! Biggest nightmare I had on OPs were techs who were generally clueless and lost without thier air con wagons and on the rare occasion you could drag them out ...looked like they had just crawled out of their maggot !!

    I never said it wasn't right foe Artisans to pick up RSM slots i just think they are better employed doing what hey joined up ro do .
  11. There is a massive difference between deploying on tour and leaving the camp!

    Not aimed at anyone really just my experiences of RS whilst on tour. I'm sure there are guys that have deployed on top cover on CLP's but how many have ever deployed as a foot patrol from a FOB? I'm guessing not many, how can they then teach tradesmen about soldiering when all of their knowledge is from a TAM?

    The tradesmen in the REME are the guys which show us in a good light, at the last count I believe it was a CGC and 4 MC's to Recy Mechs. Are you telling me that Artisans aren't the right calibre to be RSM's?:nod:
  12. Couple of points to add, I did my SMC (Arborfield) with all ex-infantry instructors and learnt more during that course than anything learnt in unit. Secondly, serving with an FRG (12 Det) we had an RD Sgt posted into us and in camp he was a bit of a pain! but excelled in the field ensuring all the defences were set up and more importantly effective - my main point is that we all have a part to play. As for the techies I fully support prevous comments they somehow felt they were above the rest of us and this caused problems mainly due to the promotion structure giving full screw tapes to kids is asking for trouble.
  13. Gunshitter & s4s, get over your anti tech bias, you pair of thick cvnts. Jealousy is such a destructive emotion.

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  14. I come on this site to air my opinion, with the expectation that other people will do the same, If you have something constructive to say I am willing to listen. If however you post responses like this then my opinion has not changed, FYI, jealous I am not - now fcuk off!
  15. I have aired my opinion - non tech trades who haven't worked closely with tech trades ALWAYS harp on about the rank.
    By 'working closely', I mean deploying on the same vehicle, or at the very least in the same section, not some stores muppet in the same wksp.
    Tech's have to work 3 times as hard as others to get the same respect. God knows how hard female techs have to work.

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