Discussion in 'RLC' started by TrueBlueTrog, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. I've previously heard WO2's within the Dvr trade refer to other WO2's within the trade but with a different role as WO3's! :x

    i found this quote below on the Tinternet and wondered if they had got it all arse about face! :D (i draw your attention to the badges worn by a WOIII and that of a WOII)

    From 1938, there was also a rank of Warrant Officer Class III (WOIII). The only appointments held by this rank were Platoon Sergeant Major, Troop Sergeant Major and Section Sergeant Major. The WOIII wore a crown on his lower sleeve (which is why all WOIIs switched to a crown in a wreath during this period). The rank was placed in suspension in 1940 and no new appointments were made, but it was never officially abolished.
  2. Shouldnt you be laying in a pool of your own piss at the moment?
  3. Maybe they do, maybe they dont...and your point is? :?
  4. unfortunately not due to CT3 endex! Tomorrow. :pukel:
  5. Theres one buried in the Berlin CWGC cem, had a pic but can't find it.
  6. Are you sure that it is not just a pi55 take because some WOII's don't have the quals that others have.

    Many years ago in the, AT trade, you could not progress to WOII unless you had passed the High Threat course. This bar was removed and the first WOII's who had not completed the HT course were referred to by some of those that had as WOIII's.

    Clearly if you don't have a sense of humour you can't grasp this, why don't you pop down the QM's and sign one out!
  7. Dingerr, I think TBT was being ironic as it has been a recent hot potato in the driver trade which has ruffled a few feathers amongst us.

    In our trade, those referred to by some as WOIII's, are the people who have an extra qualification.

    This qualification is pretty hard to gain but still gets people very excited. Actually the people who get most excited about it are those who either are deamed not suitable or frankly are too scared to have a go.
  8. Well said Bottle 'o Smoke! You are quite correct when you say "Actually the people who get most excited about it are those who either are deamed not suitable or frankly are too scared to have a go".

    There is a third type.....those that volunteered for it at their 12 yr point and were told by old Normski at MCM to come back when they had 6 yrs left.....but unfortunately for me at that point I had already wandered down a different career path. Ah well, that's life! :wink:

    PS. Well done for the results yesterday...superb news and for that Chelsea fan who is the best JCB operator this side of Christendum. :p
  9. I once worked with a guy who was a lot above himself as a lowley Lance Coporal, we used to call him WOIII purely as a piss take. It has kind of stuck now and I have worked with quite a few more over the years
  10. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As far as I know, there were Platoon Commanders in the late 1930s (ranked as WOIII and referred to as Platoon Sergeant Majors) in the Infantry. My understanding is that this was an attempt to:

    a. Make up for a shortfall of young officers.
    b. Mimic the German WW1 system of NCO Pl Comds.
    c. Improve the command capabilities of SNCOs in the British Army.

    The reason it was suspended was because the experiment was deemed to have failed.
  11. Being pedantic , they weren't WOIIIs , they were WOs III in th esame way as a gaggle of Razzmen are WOs 1. This is the same principle as when in the RA a call is made for Numbers One not Number Ones.
  12. Ouch! Meow!
  13. And the most highly paid within an LSR!!! :D

    Dingerr: It is meant as a piss take and taken as a piss take by those qualified and this thread was just building upon that fact.

    As for going to the QM's to sign for a sense of humour!

    Gobby Nig and Bottleosmoke will probably agree that i of all people have an over issue on the humour front (as do they), you've just gotta be in on or understand the joke. :?
  14. True Blue Trog...congrats on yer promotion mucker :)
  15. Here's my tuppence worth: Courts Martial :wink: (Not Court Martial grrrr! :x )