Discussion in 'REME' started by boycie, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else in the situation of having to complete the bollox that is the WO CLM Workbook? Isnt it time the Corps took control of this document, which I am informed is an A&S owned document. Having been promoted to WO2, like most SSgt's having done the job for some time before promotion, I find it an insult to be expected to get my boss to confirm that I can conduct a E&D assesment, complete the duties of Orderly Officer and use numbers???? To be informed I have to supply O grade or GCSE results or sit basic maths and english is surely a joke, past courses do not count!!
  2. Is the work book not owned by the AEC? It has to go to the AEC for the LDO to sign once its all done at unit level.

    Then again, instead of knocking out a dead easy work book in your own time, at your own pace and a relaxed 5 days in an AEC you could always go back to the old style EFP and spend 3 weeks sat in an AEC doing vast amounts of projects, presentations and hours of homework every evening.
  3. I can only mention what a crusty old RAEC Major told me years ago when I similarly protested; "the system isn't aimed at your Corps, and you have been caught up in the imposition of a standard across the Army. That means that if you don't complete the course to my satisfaction, you will remain a LCpl".

    So, that's what I did wrong!


  4. Lazy mode is on so please if this has been answered direct me to the relevant link....

    Do I need to sit the Infantry Pte level maths and english exam in the AEC for WO CLM?

    Do I have grandad rights as I did the old EFP1 course as well as Stiffy maths and oh yeah the Stiffy course too?

    Or should I get my ladybird books on English and maths out right now?

    I may have to consult the Wretchard Mechs for help!!
  5. If you certificated proof that you are up to the level required then I believe that you dont have to sit the basic skill numeracy and literacy level 2 tests.
  6. Nice try but having just jumped through these hoops I can tell you that you have to first prove through certification that you have a qualification in maths and english to the correct standard, at least level 2, once this has been proven you must provide a hand written essay to prove you are working at the required level and sit a maths test. Even a degree doesnt stop this as its mandated. The workbook is administered by the AEC but owned by AS&D, hence other arms eg forman of sigs are exempt WO CLM part 2 complete. As usual REME hasnt got the bollox to sy no and is forcing everyone to participate, even though english and maths is a prerequisite to joining the corps.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    The army indulging in pointless paperwork? Well I never... :roll:

  8. The level 2 literacy test is a spelling test with 40 multi-guess questions that takes about 20 minutes to complete. As I had Word running in the background, I found this test quite easy.

  9. Now that is initiative! Go to the head of the class.
  10. wow, they give you a workbook to get the easy stuff ticked off now?

    that's brilliant. i did it in jan 06, and we all complained that we had to demonstrate - during the course - that we could e.g. write an admin order, do a memo, etc etc. to a man, the course said "can't we just provide evidence of this basic stuff that everyone has done by the time they are a WO2? why do we have to jump through this pointless hoop during the course?"

    sounds like it was implemented. so stop fucking moaning and do your homework :)
  11. Just cut and paste all your stuff, heard it works so long as you dont get caught.............................errrr I'll get me coat.