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Has anyone out there actually completed the two assignments needed to gain the level 5 Diploma in Management from the CMI after completing the WO CLM? If so how harsh was the marking? and have you got any top tips?

better still how about a copy of the entries submitted (that gained the level 5) , it would save a couple of hours typing and after this weekend my remaining 23.5 brain cells :puker:
Did the CMI Diploma last year. The online modules were dead easy, the written assignment needed a little bit of thought and determination. Don't be afraid to get hold of your education centre or officer and ask them to staff check your work before submission. Be sure to submit a bibliography with your work, write it as if you are a civvy and in the third party and don't worry about the word count-mine was about a thousand words over.

Depending how long it will be before your 22 is up (if you don't go for commission) it is worth becoming a member of the CMI as they have alot of resources at your disposal, an example being some books I borrowed from their library that I need for a resettlement course (Facilities Management), the books just cost a couple of quid each to borrow for an extended period instead of paying about £50 each.
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