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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CH512O, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. On it in June but AEC just said "of course you have done your Level 1 Numeracy and Literacy"
    Urrm? No.

    AEC did say "bring your School Certs in". Well it was 21 years ago and i was in the Army by the time the results came out (Junior Leaders at 16yrs 2 months!) and havnt got any now, although i got O'levels and CSE's in both.

    Am i right in saying that if you did "old" EFP 1, with those numeracy and literacy tests at start you are then up to Level 1 Standard?

    Dont have a drama having to do this Level 1 thing but im a little busy at the moment to go back to Skool, so to speak, and do exams!!

    Cheers in advance.
  2. I did the old EFP1, and you could probably blag it on that. On the other hand the level 1 literacy / numeracy will take you about ten minutes to do in front of a computer at an AEC or learning centre, assuming you don't get stumped by questions like 3+2=?

    (As said by the smug bugger who did his CLM last year avoiding the need for all that workbook bollux :D )
  3. Cheers for that.
    Got back to the AEC and EFP 1 doesnt give you "grandfather" rights! So to be become a WO i have to sit a 20min assessement then, depending how mong iam, sit a Level 1 Computer based one straight after.
    So with the job im in, involving Benoullis Equations, flowrates and Drag Coefficient Formula mean nothing if i cant add 2+2 next week on the assessment! 8O
  4. Just you wait for the Dems Calcs on the AA ESO Cse :wink: :wink:
  5. I can handle that sort of thing (he hopse!) its those fractions that your Maths Teacher said would be important in later life...yeah right!! :roll:
  6. Well did a Level 1 number and words assessment at local AEC. 100% in both.
    So CH asks if he can now go and do the actual test on the computer.
    No he is told. As there is a financial outlay to do the test CH has to sit through practices, mock test and the actual test lasting over 3hrs!! And thats for each test, both words and numbers!
    Like i have 6 hours to do this! :evil:
  7. PM coming your way CH.
  8. If you have done the old EFP 1 you are squared away.
  9. Marco me 'ol mucker - gonna send it to me too mate as I am having this battle too !
  10. By the way mate - if you want to promote beyond Sgt you'll actually need to have Level 2 in both Literacy and Numeracy ! (and the AEC fun police will make you do level 1 first !!)

    Treat yerself !! :)