Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TARE, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Im on the WO cse at Blandford later this year. Any heads up?
  2. It's a beasting mate. Well...on your liver at least.

    It's not particularly taxing, lots of presentations, some reasonably interesting stuff and it finishes with discussion groups. Take plenty of pro-plus, beer tokens and of course a hammer to get those cockroaches in the accommodation. (sniff...makes me proud...Warrant Officers in the Royal Corps....prepared to live in filthy portakabins for the Queen....gives me a big lump in the throat every time...)
  3. Yeah, you get substantive at the end of it mate.
  4. About that lump in your throat mate. It was me, sorry. I needed somewhere, and you sleep with your mouth open :wink:

  5. Just follow the signs from Salisbury - its well signposted :lol:

    Blandford is Blandford - nothing ever changes.... but it has been said that its a good idea to bring the golf clubs :D