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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. I am under pressure to attend as I have been avoiding them since being with my current Regiment. I have sound fincial reasons for not doing so quite apart from the fact that I have no wish to attend.

    According to every report I ever had I am good at my job, well qualified, put maximum effort into my work and do far more than is required. The expense of getting new Mess dress and regular and increasingly expensive and elaborate mess functions like a hole in the head, since TA pay and my civvi job just about keep my family afloat.

    However the RSM is on a mission as is my new SSM who has been appointed PMC. I just want to pay my mess bill and get on with the job.


  2. Unreasonable? No.

    You're a STAB, therefore a weekend warrior. A wannabe soldier. Surely the other STABs must recognise this fact?
  3. However, you are a SNCO! If you don't support the Mess, you shouldn't be in it!
  4. Helpful comment there!

    Anyway, mess dress no requirement to purchase, so go black tie.

    If you have serious financial issues that stop you supporting YOUR mess then you need to go and speak to the RSM directly.

    However if you are a regular attender then paying for you mess bills and the functions they should provide for out of you TA wages then it shouldn't be an issue.

    If you mess functions are getting out of control then you need to speak to you fellow SNCOs and decide to vote, remember regardless of the position of your PMC and the RSM within your mess the allocation of funds and price of a party can be questioned by your fellow NCO.

    Also you have to ask out of the several function that all messes have a year is it a big hit just for a night out of drinking, fighting and a chance for you good lady wife to dress up and be treated to a night out?

    Just out of interest whats the average ticket price your having to pay for?
  5. You're a STAB, what difference does it make to your reports? If you get a bad SJAR just get a new hobby?

    Stacker1 is the expert on coercion, he'll be able to advise
  6. Well Danny, as you should know, you have to be a mess member, you don't have to be a a member of the ODPS, not that you officers seem to know what goes on so I suppose it doesnt matter.
  7. I believe between £100-150 usually the next is more like £200-300. I just pay mess bills each year and don't go to the functions.
  8. I served with someone with the same attitude as you, albeit Regular which make a huge difference................. know what he did? stopped fcukin' bleating and did turn PMC end of!

    Or you could request a reduction in rank to overcome your obligations to the Mess and your fellow SNCO's
  9. Wow - do you get a hand-crafted, solid gold trinket as a keepsake? Sounds pretty excessive to me!


    PS - You're not HAC are you? I think they operate to a different set of rules...
  10. I agree with Stores, if you don't want to support the Mess, ask for a reduction and offer to drive for cash at the function or 'stag on'.
  11. Stackbat,

    My bold,i refer to you opinions on coercion, not mess membership or ODPS.

    Add this STAB fella to your list of the coerced for the forthcoming trial of Stacker v. The MOD - The case of "its all really unfair, i hate you, you're not my real parents". Call the first witness, Mr Edward Bear who was viciously thrown from his pram following the previous disagreement.

  12. Did it take you long to think of that? What is the mess anyway? If its a drinking club I want no part in it. If its a social gathering I still want no part in it. If its a management meeting I don't see the point, I've just attended a management conference. If its about better accomodation and food isn't that covered by your mess subscription?

    What exactly has membership of the mess to do with being a good SNCO?

  13. everything
  14. I'm fairly sure you can not be fined for not purchasing mess dress, ever though of trying your RHQ for a second hand one? or even Ebay have a couple of good ones floating around.

    The reason it may be costing so much is that you and many others are not supporting YOUR mess, as the Sjts mess you are normally the richer mess as you will be able to get more funds.

    You have to ask why are you in the Sjts mess if you not prepared to take the rough with the smooth, mess functions and mess life although not as regular as your regular counterparts is important to gelling your mess, its also a good excuse to have a good, relativly cheap party in theroy and enjoy the other side of being a SNCO.

    I think you need to raise this at your next mess meeting as £200 - 300 a ticket seems a bit excessive, on top of this theres things like hotel rooms and taxis etc. Ever thought of running the function yourself and pricing it for the mess?

    I'm going to avoid the "TA as a part time job" comment
  15. No I'm not HAC, the RSM has been choosing some very elaborate and expensive places for the Mess functions. When I heard the cost of the next it just confirmed what I already knew.