Wnking for the blind

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack04040, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Done yesterday, or the day before?

    Has no-one told them that wanking will make them go bli......oh :)
  2. since when was a picture of a naked woman 'porn'...are there touchy feely pics of people with big moustaches shagging each other with big veiny marrows??
  3. I had one with my eye's shut once. It was alright.
  4. I believe it's based on a systen called broile, I'm sorry I'll feel that again.
  5. That 70/80s porn tells a story and ages you, oh large one.
  6. hmmm...i think you'll find my username ages me Trigger!! :D
  7. From the title, I thought it was a call for some sort of charity wanking competition to raise money, to be held in Hyde Park or some such place.
  8. You may be onto something there. We could bake the world's biggest Biscuit Brown at the same time. Sort of kill two birds with one stroke. As it were.
  9. I had always, in my inagination, thought of you as a youngster. To find out you are over 40?................is just to much.

    I'll now go for a shit, to clear my mind.
  10. OI piss off....i AM young!!!!
  11. Born 67 aged 67........................Still fecking old.