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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Well it appears I've got one. Not surprising as I've put family first with my normal job (busy year etc), so should I complain?

    I did an excellent section attack (FIBUA) and very good 'UK Land Forces Digitisation' lecture in the last year. Plus helped numerous RSigs soldiers/officers in their options on this site, helped design Bde trade training. My PSAO has hinted on what I should do - well done him, but I think the problem lies with me putting TA 2nd (irony)
  2. Polar,

    Not TA but had to 'redress' a CR 20 years ago when the 1RO gave me an A (Not Recommended). After discussing it with him he recommended me for promotion (with caveats) and changed the grade to a B. Did not get promoted the following year.

    Don't think much has changed since then. You may change the grade or write up (which will inevitably be shaded) but you won't change the Reporting Officer's opinion of you. Conclusion - roll with the blow.

  3. I'd shrug your shoulders and remember it doesn't impact on your pension.

    Having just received an average OJAR which focussed on a lack of skills in a role that my regiment consistently doesn't provide training in, I suddenly realised I didn't mind. If you get hung up on the MS merry-go-round, you will become a very frustrated bunny, or in your case, flaggy.

    As long as I continue to make a contribution, my peers think I am a decent bloke/officer, and the blokes trust me, I don't care. Besides polar, we all love you......
  4. Did you get an MPAR? If so, did your 1RO point out your failings to you at that point and, in doing so, give you ample opportunity to right your wrongs, or have you simply been hijacked with a 'once a year' opinion of you?

    If you had MPAR, tough sh1t, you had your chance but, if not (and I suspect this is the case), redress the CR. You can't be hung for something you didn't know you were or weren't doing.
  5. Of course Polar's CR didn't have to say 'Polar is a Wnaker and did not do his job' in order to be a wnak CR. Was it content or tone that you have the issue with?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Either way it is only facts that can be redressed, not opinions.

  7. I'm always suspicious when people comment that they have had a bad CR and it's not fair. I often find that they have had convenient memories and neglected to remember certain incidents throughout the year.

    However Polar if this is not the case and you feel genuinely agrieved you can either Redress or Represent the CR. A redress is a formal complaint against the facts stated - i.e if it states you are unfit, yet you pass your mandatory tests this can justifiably be redressed.

    Opinion is more difficult to redress - i.e 'Polar is forthright and belligerent' would be better represented, which allows you to lay out your case.

    A redress requires actions from each of the ROs and puts them in the line of fire of higher CoC. This will often result in you being seen off for the remainder of your time under their command.

    A representation allows the ROs to comment against your comments (then you can comment against these). If the ROs havent really bothered their arse with you in the first place they are less likely to bother putting in much effort in responding to a representation.

    A redress might not change anything on your CR but a representation will always accompany it.
  8. I haven't seen it yet - have just been advised not to sign it - I guess that isn't redressal or representing it.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Did you get a midterm?
  10. Don't worry about signing it, all that does is say you have seen it, not that you agree with the contents.

    Advice above is spot on; you can redress a factual inaccuracy but have to be very specific as to what you want, i.e.:

    "I request that the word 'lazy' is removed from the phrase 'lazy wnaker' as I consider myself very active in that department."

    Opinion is something very tricky to argue, you have the right to put comments with the CR that will be seen by any promotion board. If this year is a one off and you want to state that you have been concentrating on family issues this year, then I'm sure that will be looked favourably on by a board in the future provided the remainder of your CRs are up to the mark.

    I was once a TA Adjt so PM me if you need anything more!!
  11. That fact that you have been advised not to sign your CR is bad advice. When you sign a CR you are signing to say that your have read it, not necessarily that you agree with it.
  12. Didn't I just say that?
  13. Cheers, thats probably what I should do (although its work not family)
  14. And as for puting the TA second, surely that is the same for all TA soldiers. The way I have seen it as a PSI was that you put in what time you can in but you main source of income must be your Civvie job as that is where you go 5 days in 7. Seems Crazy Legs has given the best advice, and not your PSAO!

    Edited because of idiocy on my part