wmv to MP4 (free) software needed

I have a couple of WMV files on my Mac that I want to import to iTunes and subsequently watch on my iPhone 4s. I've searched extensively but can only find stuff that costs about $40 which, being a ******* pikey and only wanting to convert 2 files, I'm not going to pay for. Anyone know where I can get some free software?
lenovo do a free version

alternately, what about VLC player? does that play nicely with Iphones?
Go on any download site,download ImTooVideoConverter.
See how hard it was to google "audio/video conversion" Judy?
Poke it, big nose. I googled 'wmv to MP4 itunes' and got what I got! Managed it in the end with a free trial of 'Wondershare Video Converter' before I had to pay for it (which I didn't). It's got a dirty great watermark across it at the top but I needed it more for the audio than anything else.

Cheers chaps.
You should of tried, Any Video Converter, it can change pretty much everything and can rip YouTube videos. Oh and it's free...

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