WMiIK ammo states

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sniper9, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. What's the book answer for stowage of GPMG and GMG/HMG on a WMIK?
  2. Not likely to find that out on here fella

    T C
  3. Two cartons fairy liquid for the 'bubble gun'.

    8x flags with 'bang' on them! (last resort for the big guns).

    12 foam rockets for the elastic-band gun.

    Spare batteries for the ray-gun.

    Finally, a couple of water-squirting flower brooches and squishy rings!

    ...that should really hurt em.

    Edited to add: I misread the title, W milk, is milk that comes from a woman's booby.....tastes like the milk left in a bowl after Sugar Puffs!
    Cancel my above childish answer....the answer you require is 3ltrs!
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  4. Lots of bangy things of various calibre, all securely stowed though.
  5. The book answer is as much as you can fit on the vehicle, nothing like running out just as your stonking some one.
  6. You forgot the 4 buckets of emergency glitter, just in case
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  7. However you're not allowed to carry spare barrels as our CQMS got special dispensation for us so we didn't need to change them out :)
  8. Are my eyes painted on?
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  9. OPSEC, my man...please!
  10. I keep the Airsoft pellets in the drawer. Dunno if that helps?
  11. I have 'outed' a walt!!!
  12. ******* clever :)
  13. 10 000 rounds of 50 cal APIT all stored under the White Phos, claymores and antrax aerosols. But don't quote me on this.
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  14. More than you can carry but less than you need. - Pretty much covers the ammo scales for everything in the armoury.
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  15. My bad, 'ALLEGEDLY'