WMF says Criminals should apologise to victims

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. here
    ...so offenders who commit crimes of assault, robbery and stealing and where appropriate for domestic violence and sexual assault should meet their victims and apologise ... but non TV licence payers and those who withhold some of their Council Tax payment (for services not provided) will be sent down ...
  2. I really don't think that Cherie Bliar is the one to call for anything face-to-face.
  3. ain't that the truth! :biggrin:
  4. Obviously the WMF didn't see the programs for the reconciliation that were screened in NI about paramilitary killers coming face to face with their victims families. The one with Michael Stone was particularly harrowing. It didn't do anything except upset the duaghter of the victim and Stone didn't come close to apologising, just tried to justify the killing.

    When will these do-gooders stop poking their beaks in and accept that to make people change their ways they need to experience hardship and unpleasantness. If this means putting people in prison and making them do hard labour, in unpleasant conditions, it will encourage them not to come back.

    The government is on a Green kick at the moment. Imagine how much power you could generate if you stuck the prison population on treadmills, linked to generators. Get them working on chain gangs, fixing roads. Give them the unpleasant jobs and make them work for their freedom. Make them put something back into society, instead of being a burdon on it. Lets stop all this social care for criminals. Stop giving them drugs in prison to perpetuate their habit. They are NOT the victims of society, they prey on it and it has to stop.

    If these suggestions were put into practice, I am sure that we would not see the prison overcrowding we have today.

  5. I'm with you ishinru, soft justice is no justice...

    Prison is no deterrent when you get half off for not stabbing someone else while you're in there. Truth in sentencing works. I don't care too much for rehabilitation. If they're going to rehabilitate they can still do it after their full term. For the bulk that don't at least truth in sentencing would give us a five to ten year break from their continued criminal behaviour..
  6. Oh sorry

    Sorry is what you are when you forget someones birthday
    sorry is what you are when you borrow someones car and bend it

    If you were "sorry" you would not have done it if you had the choice

    sorry my arse. the only good thing about it is you could get a good ID on them in preparation for a nightime meeting with billy the bat
  7. They wouldn't mean it anyway, 99% of criminals rerally don't give a toss about their victims. Though a face to face meeting might be a chance to wring the fcukers neck, apologise back to him (meaning it as much as he/she does) and everyones happy.
  8. I'm sorry but she should just concentrate on being ugly.

    And I didn't mean my apology either.
  9. I'm all for this - as long as you are allowed to give the scumbag a good kicking afterwards
  10. ... didn't realise she needed the practice!
  11. she doesnt
    a 10th dan ugly tree surgeon if ever there was one!
    mind you ......
    would you?
  12. Fair one.
  13. I agree with you on this re:BBC program. This was an attempt fronted by Desmond Tutu to replay the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" from S Africa in an Irish context and it simply didn't work because there hadn't been a massive change in government and style of government meaning that it was a necessity.
  14. So after some little old lady has been beaten up and mugged by some scrote, in the million to one chance some copper actually catches said scrote and scrote is convicted, then she must come face to face with him again?

    With a huge number of cases being lost through witness intimidation, this is a great idea. I wonder what percentage of conversations will go along the lines of the scrote threatening the victim?
  15. The reality is that in the cases where it has been tried, and the victim has to agree, there have been positive results. It has far more to do with one giving closure to the victim to use that over worked term and trying to reduce re-offending. I certainly don't think it should be used as an alternative to punishment rather part of a process of attempting rehabilitation. Cutting recidivision would be one of the biggest crime prevention measures we could achieve.