WMD - how big?



I had a conversation with a civilian who has no interest in the military - fair enough, but as the conversation turned to "us" being over there and looking for WMD. I was amazed to find that they were expecting it to be an industrial estate size works making all the "doings" in one place.

No matter what I said about the end product, that it could be just couple of litres in a bottle, they thought I was taking the mickey!!

Anybody else came across this type of thing?


A couple of bottles.....then whatever you do, don't ask to borrow Captain Fatima's "Gold Spot" breath freshener  ;)


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It's noticeable how all the crew who were whinging against TELIC in the first place are now crawling out from under their rocks to crow about there being 'no WMDs'.  

Trying to explain the time we have in Ulster, finding stuff, and God knows we've been there long enough! Iraq is the size of France, he's had 12 years to hide it, and that's if it's not already in Syria, or back in Russia and France where most came from.

I'd start by searching G Galloway's bungalow ;)
Guys, the USA banged the drum long and hard about why Iraq needed 'liberating' and wee Tony tootled the piccolo till he went red in the face.

The tune was WMD, over and over again, and it started the day after the WTC, Pentagon and probable attempted White House plane strikes.

The US public wanted retaliation - aimed at someone, something, or anything - and Afghanistan and Iraq both fitted the bill, as well as having some interesting sidelines in heroin and oil respectively.

The fact remains that despite wonderfully 'accurate' intelligence, probably provided by A-10 pilots, not a single piece of nuclear material, phial of anthrax, or drum of mustard gas has yet been located.   We are not talking small quantities of the stuff, but static and mobile factories, and weapons delivery systems along with hundreds of tons of material supposedly identified and tracked by eyes in the sky as it was shifted around to evade detection by Hans Blix & Co.

It's hardly surprising that a huge section of the population doesn't believe a single word that's been said to date, although any sane person is glad enough to see the end of Saddam Hussein.

Brits and Saddam aside, I'm sure the average Yank thinks that all Al Qaida terrorists all have 'I hate the West' tattooed on their foreheads, or at least carry a globally recognised terrorist flash card round with them stating their number rank name and whether they are hearts diamonds clubs or spades - just like the IRA UDA ETA FARC et al.   Terrorist targets will then fall when hit,  America will save herself and the world from all nasty men with bad ideas, and they'll never ever come back again.   My ar5e.

The US and Britain might as well come clean and declare war on Columbia, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Pakistan and anywhere else that produces drugs, has WMD or threatens to use them, or has a regime that sanctions ethnic cleansing.

Let's face it, who's going to win every time ?

We could start with the root cause of what is a blindingly obvious and festering problem for all of the Arab world - Israel & Palestine.

Roadmap my ar5e - I'm not cashing in my shares in Vickers or McDonnell Douglas just yet.