WMD-Did we supply them to Iraq or not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Moodybitch, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. Of course we did..we have the receipts!

  2. I'm with chickenpunk and Tony Bliar..NO!

  3. I'll have to ask Big Brother for the answer first.

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  1. Cutting and pasting again doris??

    Get an opinion of your own for once.

    Who gives a **** anyway....whats done is done so do something useful like pissing off and dying
  2. well said the Moodybitch! I can supply 9mm or 5.56mm if you want?
  3. If I suspected for a moment that you knew what the feck you were talking about, I still wouldn't be perturbed by your line of argument.

    Did 'we' (and I was talking about the UK, not some international list you've blagged off the internet) supply WMD to Iraq. No.

    Did British companies supply items which were adapted for use by the Iraqis in their WMD programmes? Yes.

    However, the controversy, over breaching UN sanctions against Iraq centred around items which had possible 'dual uses'. It did not include weapons, weapons systems, or weapons components.

    Don't forget, most of the people on this forum have real military experience, some of us going back some time, which may well have included involvement in the collection and analysis of intelligence regarding Iraqs attempts to procure WMD.

    Unlike you, you fantasist wannabe.
  4. nothing bigger available?
  5. I have a 105mm down my trousers ready for action Baby :wink:
  6. that makes your c*ck 4.5" long , hardly aWMD. :wink:
  7. Oh, and by the way, if we did supply WMD to Iraq, you might point out where it's all gone: I think you'd probably get a spit-roast off Tony Blair and George W Bush if you could tell them where it is :D
  8. BB,

    Your argument is logically flawed.
    You say that because some members of the UK (UK companies) supplied certain items to Iraq, then the UK supplied WMD to iraq.

    This same logic could be applied to say that, because Saddam Hussein committed War Crimes, then IRAQ committed war crimes & therefore we should bring ALL Iraqis to justice. - If you follow this line of reasoning, you will start to sound like the late not-so great LNV.

    The same logic could be applied to say that, because you are a loon then the UK are all Loons.

    Right, let this be the last time I'm caught giving you a reasoned argument.
    Please take this to the NAAFI & I can 'carry on normal abusing'.

  9. I've deleted Doris' inane ramblings and psychopathic rants as I really can't be tossed to moderate the slanging match she provokes for the attention.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.