Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by INFIDEL65, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. I dont know how to post one of them vote things so this will have to do.
    Recently a member that go's by the name of whizzyshootingstar has done nothing but dribble inane bollox and spout crap at anyone that contradicts her incoherent threads. Its pay back time! Please, use this thread to slag off anything to do with fairies, dragons, witches and more importantly whizzy her/him, shim, itself.

    edited for dumbass spelling

    edited again for not being able to spell fairies
  2. it's quite simple, when you start a new thread scroll down the page and you'll see the following options:

  3. I did say that fairies post was a bordem thread,with no relevance.Unfortunetly, you along with others dont seem to understand that,maybe because your tiny minds cant actually grasp that simple knowledge.So if you want to carry on thinking i believe in it then go ahead and delude yourself.
    hey kes1 :lol:
  4. Ooooooohhh I say :eek:
  5. Unfortunatly you dont seem to understand that no one wants to listen to your rubbish. Are you serving in the armed forces? have you any intention of serving in the armed forces. no i didnt think so. im sure theres a pokemon forum for you out there somewhere, where you cant talk shit to your hearts content. i have noticed that when you post on threads the main topic is forgotten as you steal the limelight with your stupidity. Your nothing but an attention seeker. FACK OFF!
  6. I would suggest it is Svens daughter but I can't imagine another human wanting to let that fat useless cunt whack its muck up it.

    Is Sven a virgin?

    Do you see what I did there? I diverted the thread towards sven. :D
  7. It wouldnt suprise me, the world is full of these inbreds, it wouldnt suprise me if whizzyscallopflaps is the offspring of Michelle Mcmassive and Rick Walla Walla.
  8. Surely talking about fairies on an Army web site is absolutely appropriate and "on topic"...


    You just keep it up girl... These nasty soldiers like to sound all gruff and that but they're a bunch of softies really... You should probably try crochet and needlepoint next... You'll get some takers there too... :D
  9. What have otters ever done to you?

    Poor little aquatic mammal type fish eating things. You leave them alone you big bully.
  10. Fuck me sideways! That waster is still here preaching their shit? Just incase you missed it last time I mentioned it whizzythingy......

    Fuck off you cunt!

    Last time shim said that it is ignoring me, we'll se if that gets a response
  11. True but the kind of faries we talk about on ARRSE are the limp wristed variety that brings manny jokes and amusment.
  12. Jarrod, I thought you liked Fairies!! :lol:
  13. Ignore the nasty man. A few pointers though.

    1. Use your spell checker a lot more often.

    2. If you are female (it doesn't matter what you think you look like) post a photo of yourself. we will decide what you look like.

  14. But we all know that rocnet has the fairies market completely cornered........
  15. I would assume I had drunk too much and been sleepwalking, now feck off you loon!