wives of squaddies vs wives of MPGS

When I lived in Warminster I had a falling out with a new wife of an MPGS gate gaurd.

I know he was an ex infantier sgt. this was his second marriage 3 months before he moved to warminster to become mpgs.

she had never dealt with the army before and this was their first quarter together. Along with their 6 dogs and four cats and 1 son.

The falling out occured when I happened to mention that she was not a proper pads wife as her husband never went on deployment/exercise. Did not have to do PT or any type of training, was on the minimum payband and did 4 days 4 nights and 4 days off all the time.

this said she strutted around like she owned the place and acted like her hubby was the C/O. You can so easily imagine the scene.........boy did she get upset!!! :lol: :lol:

So you can see my point.

It ended up in a massive argument and she went screaming to my Hubbies tp comd about it and accused me of beating her up.

I mean I was 27 and she a 44yr old welsh idiot......what a hoot when she was told to go and grow up......by the female tp comd.

I know I sound mean and not very nice but this pissed me off so much I just had to vent ........ SORRY

Has any other wives of come across this problem before.
I've never come across this problem before, but on an entirely different note - Does it imply that I'm strange if I feel the urge to suck your avatars clit through her knickers?
Ragged_Wrac said:
The falling out occured when I happened to mention that she was not a proper pads wife as her husband never went on deployment/exercise. Did not have to do PT or any type of training, was on the minimum payband and did 4 days 4 nights and 4 days off all the time.
Do you not think that the key words here are 'when I happened to mention'?........ You started it. Maybe you should have tried to avoid her instead of telling her what you thought. Now you have a situation everytime you meet her, or maybe even worse, if the other wives think the same as me. Never mind, your hubbie will be posted soon (within three years??).


Im usually called Baccy Pouch but the COs and the Mods have discovered what a prick I actually am, I need councilling and Im sorry to have wasted your time
Slack Pouch said:
I dont really have a lot to say on this subject as I am a closet homosexual who hangs around lay-bys looking for some action.
You like truckers, Slaccy?
Baccy Pouch said:
I realise that Im a knob and nobody likes me and I apologise for this.
No Comment.
oohh Cait you are soooooo cutting :wink:
is that just wishful thinking Venty?
so - there is a pecking order on the Patch? That is a sad thing. How can you look down your nose at someone else that has the misfortune to be on the Patch too? A strange position to put yourself in. Methinks you deserve any poo that hits your fan.
Im a bit confused (getting older - happens now and then).

The MPGS accepts ex servicemen and women with a minimum 3 years regular armed forces service.

These people enlist on a local engagement contract, fair enough.

Most have more then 3 years service and a ton of operational tours to go along with it.

Several have held rank and many just want a job to get to pensionable age and have no hassle.

Whilst I agree with Ms Wrac to an extent (no deployments, excercises etc...) one must say, who liked to stag on?

Well, be happy that these people are doing the job and not going on ops or you would be seeing even less of your partner!

On another point, just because you stag on for gods love (didn´t the chunks...errrr pioneers do that as well?!) doesn´t mean that you are an unfit and nil motivated waster.... I knew enough of them whilst I was in the regs... takes all kinds me dear ;)
me n bee said:
who liked to stag on?
for some people its all they know.
Hang on I did not just come out and say that her hubby was not a proper squaddie.......I am not that callous and i resent that remark.

She was bad mouthing other pads wives for moaning that their husbands were always away on tour or exercise and thta they had to raise the kids and do everything while they were away. I decided to take a stand for all pads wives and mention that although her hubby was MPGS, he was not a proper squaddie and therefore she had no right to bitch about other wives whos husbands where in Kosove, Kenya etc.

But what really got me was when this 40something woman attacked me at the bus stop then after I finished giving her a good thumping, she went to my Hubbys boss and told her that a 28 year old woman had just beaten her up. When pressed for details the tp comd told her to Fcuk off and grow up and get a life and not to bother her with such trivial matters and that is she had not started it I would not have seen the need to finish it.

I might be only 5' 4" tall and 10 stone (2 of which is boobs) but I will not be slagged off or unprovakdly attacked by a screaming Welsh Slapper who should know better.

And that is all I was saying
I remember years ago in the BAOR squaddie paper Sixth Sense an officers wife complaining that she didn't like shopping in the NAFFI with 'other ranks' wives and officers wives should have their own section to shop in.
The upraor that caused was hilarious. I'm still not sure if it was a wind up or not.
I stopped and watched a couple of wives slapping each other at the families bus stop in Oerlinghausen....near the ORs NAAFI.... I wanted to put a bet down, the other lad who I was with said we had to intervene!

God, how I hated AMP duty! :roll: :wink: :lol:
Are you having a go at her because of who she is/what she's done or because her husband is MPGS?
I'm coming to the end of 23 years service in the Infantry and have probably spent more time in the naafi queue than your husband has spent on tour...in March I join the MPGS. Does that make my wife a bad person? I don't think so...so why blame the fact her husband is MPGS on the fact that you don't like her...? :?:

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