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Wives of Belgian MPs suggest sex strike to solve political impasse

That Lissistrata bint in Ancient Greece has got a lot to answer for.


No **** for you tonight, until we get a government !!

I have seen some strange mentality's in politics, but this just has to be the clear winner!


Desperate Dan

War Hero
WTF is that! That is a triple bagged 3 O'clock beered up to the eyeballs hippocrocapig if I ever saw one. If she was the last "female" (I am still not sure) on earth, I think I would rather fkuk animals. S/he should have no problems keeping her minging legs shut. Cheers Muhandis, put me right off me dinner!
Looking at her boat race it wouldn't be any real hardship for her hubby if he's reduced rations.
She looks like an ex WRAC so prob a lezzer.
By 'eck that's ******* rough. I would (done much worse than that).
Now that`s the sort of thing that would seriously put you off of seeking gainful employment as a gigolo. Just imagine that creature calling round at your gaff on a cold, wet and windy evening in November and telling you, "I`ve just had a hard day in the Senate and really need some physical relief". Yeah, right! Well, I suppose every job has its hazards.

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