Wives jumping to conclusions!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Filbert Fox, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. My neighbours are navy types, a couple of days ago I was round their house and the bloke was on the pc and when he'd finished I asked if I could check my e-mail and off I went, tapping away while he put the kettle on.
    The next day he came round all sheepish like and asked if he could have a word, his wife had complained that I'd been using their computer for looking at porn, she'd checked the drop down menu and found www.ARRSE.co.uk, and could I be a bit more considerate when using other peoples computers!! So I lobbed some coal onto my pc and got it fired up and showed him what it was all about. It's all sorted now.
    Women, before you go bumping your gums, do a bit of research. :roll:
  2. Blokes - before you start gobbing off - remember that there a quite a few women on here - and yes we know our limits.
  3. Thanks for the warning, dale. Like we give a feck :lol: .

    Typical, bloody typical.

    Women; why use reason, fact, rational thought, any sort of diplomatic qualities of Desmond Tutu, logic or any other form of sensible behaviour when you can use gut feeling, emotion, hormonal imbalance, rumours and any of the other things that got you burnt in the middle ages for being a witch.

    Why do we bother???

    Doris's, know your limits, pop yer kecks off and make me a cup of tea, now toddle off and make yourselves look pretty......... :wink:
  4. Yes Dear...... :(
  5. yeah but the chicks on here would click on the site to see what hot action is in there and then moan that there wasnt :wink:
  6. LOL! Nice one! :D
  7. but then again, its not just the wives who go jumping to conclusions, I had a girl who worked for me, and in my line of work we work very closely with our officers, she was talking to one of our Majors at a work BBQ and her husband sees her talking to another man, thinks theyre having an affair(??) and lamps him one. Knobber.
  8. So, you'll not let me try and pot the brown then......but sitting on my face is OK?
  9. Baddass, whats that got to do with this thread?
  10. but do you know your place? :lol:

  11. Behind every good man there's a woman rolling her eyes. :roll: :D
  12. Well she mentioned 'limits'.........just thought that I'd see what hers were.

    (I'll get me coat :oops: )
  13. fair enough I suppose :D