Wives Exercise

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Sekundra, Mar 25, 2003.

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  1. ;D I took a form back home last Friday for a Regtl Wives Exercise later this year.

    My fiancee (high powered headhunter) took serious offence to the "leave your marigolds at home and come and have some fun" inference.

    Muttered darkly about Sex Discrimination, EO, etc. and totally failed to see any sort of funny side.

    Is the Army failing to keep pace with modern relationships....or does she just need to get a sense of humour transplant?  ???  ::)
  2. Not German is she?  that might explain the lack of SOH.  I tried to get my wife to do one-but her comment was tjat she hd spent most of the 3 years she was in trying to get out and I could ram it!!
  3. I'd love to have the chance to do a Wives Exercise - unfortunately my nearest&dearest has never been stationed anywhere that does them!

    As for the Army failing to keep in touch with modern relationships, I think it's the Army failing to appreciate that it's frustrating enough to be posted somewhere and not be able to get a job (ie middle of nowhere in the UK, or Germany, or Cyprus...), and then humiliating to be expected to become the "little woman".

    You'll probably find that it wasn't an Army PR (ahem!) person who wrote the proforma. It was probably another wife. Downtrodden, after years of never being allowed to work.

    Yes, I'm bitter. ;)
  4. I'd love to go on a wives' exercise too.  But I have to say that if the invitation was really naff I would quietly find out who wrote it and then making some sort of constructive suggestion or offer of help for future events.

    I sympathise with your fiancee.  I have a challenging and responsible career and have had some strange reactions from some officers when I tell them what I do and they don't seem to know what to say.  It could just be that they find the subject (or me!) boring but they could be thinking anything from 'I wish I could think of something interesting to say' to 'I bet she earns more than me' or 'why is she doing that when she should be at home cooking her chap dinner'.  I think my conclusion is that they just feel more comfortable talking about what they know - ie the army.  

    I should stress that this is just a few people and not everyone.
  5. Hey, feel sorry for the Regular posted to a TA battalion; our then CO discovered that a few of the wives, and several of the subalterns, earned more than he did...... Culture shock.

    Mind you, Mrs. Gravelbelly would love a chance to get on the ranges.....
    ....but then she already has her own rifle, it's just a chance to see if she could show me up ;)
  6. Dearest F_S, the Officers  Mess found you boring!?  let me take you by the hand away from the Hue Grant quiffed red trousered yellow socked types!  We (in the other Mess) would hang on your every word and love to hear about your private investments & mutuals ;)
  7. Can I bring my front-end-loaded assets?
  8. How could you consider getting through the door without them!  I dont suppose you have a few Coppock Curve's as well do you...... :p